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  1. I'm proud of you, for all your hard work, youe skills are just growing so, so much, this piece is really stunning <3
  2. Edit note; I forgot to add. Near the beginning: "..That you probably need to do a lot of lists with Warhammer 40K when juggling the points......" That's why I brought it up, as it's overwhelming and your constantly reassembling your army on paper, it just made me frustrated and overwhelmed. ___
  3. Hey everyone, I haven't been doing a lot of painting lately, mainly just frustrated from hitting my head against the wall with my last job owing me money and some family worries, and organising travelling back to the UK, and fighting a shop who I think are a scam (a geeky shop, hence my WordPressblog post to warn anyone who might like their products, to be careful. My WordPress blog is for Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40K, but it can also be for all types of geekiness (but there is one rule with my models, I will only post models that are complete; regardless of a lil update or tweak later on). Anyhow the point of this post.. Before I even knew about Age of Sigmar, my boyfriend was introducing me to Warhammer 40K (Dark Eldar 'drools'), and he was suggesting to me some great models to start building an army. One thing that put me off Warhammer 40K to really dig my heels into itz was always having to juggle points (it has pro's and con's),. You can't 'just' have a model from that group that you like and use them, you have to really think about it. Plus you have to calculate the weapons etc. on the model, which is difficult to know potentially a decent weapon to a ****** one, and (something I see being a problem personally when) choosing between a great weapon, but the one you prefer isnt the better option etc. (all of this probably sounds worse from memory, it probably isn't that much of a big deal). Following from there, there is something that I forgot how much I enjoyed doing (and keeps me very quiet and focused)... Organising lists. For example I bravely took a note book, and began making a (as perfect as possible) layout for a quick reference of my models, to get to them easily, rather than sifting through a huge book (or app, which the layout isn't quite to my tastes but great for when your on the go, like if your on the bus and want to explore some new models that might be great to have in your Khorne., Chaos etc. army. To be honest, I am probably not the first to make quick lil charts (I'll let mine be available for all. But currently I'm making them with my army in mind, but I'm going to try and make my charts, and quick lists for as many models, rules and so on, as possible, and for Warhammer 40K). I really like the idea (as my memory Is TERRIBLE) of being able to print an interchangeable booklet (folder + plastic wallets = perfect BUT something a bit smaller preferably). The idea (and again books are difficult for me, because of hating how the neatness might be ruined because of changing my mind of the styles, and layouts) of having a reference book that has the models you are going to USE in a game specifically (rather than ALL of them) seems more practical, its neat, practical and aesthetically pleasing, easier from for your eyes to jump faster to the information you want, without scanning past the information that's uneccessary, so all in all it seems like a great idea to make an organised list. I think my main bit of pain, is if you want to reorder/ add/ change the page order. I personally like them in their groups. Having an order of priority of which units are closer to the front page and being able to change it later. Especially if your new (or again having a bad memory like me) for remembering rules, and abilities, as it can be a bit annoying fiddling with the app or going through a huge book. I bookmarked all the pages of the models I have and that I use to play for my Chaos book but (those books are too nice to use any type of adhesive to stick them on), I would lose the bookmarks etc. Plus doing a nice handwritten notebook, and a version I can modify easily and add to, on the computer as well, can be wonderful creatively. It helps you to see what models you need, if you have any weaknesses, whilst I also find that it helps to see the abilities or spells that you (definitely ME, ME, ME!) might be forgetting, that could be detrimental to the final results of a game. I'm looking forward to showing you whats soon to come, if it helps than fantastic! Toña x
  4. Hey people I have created a new blog entry here: https://twistedshadowsblog.wordpress.com/2016/05/29/tokens-galore/ My boyfriend came across The Mortal Realms and had found these tokens which look really handy in play, as you learn your new model's abilities and/ or have a bad memory, (you never know.. Forgetting an ability where you could have lived, could have won you the game but realising the mistake at the end of the game. Doesn't really do you any favors...) Check them out, The Mortal Realms, they have a Podcast etc. The FREE DOWNLOADABLE link is: http://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/mortal-realms-status-tokens I think this will save me much better than the amount I have forgotten in the past haha. Toña x
  5. Hey everyone! I'm so used to doing everything on my phone nowadays and earlier on today I couldn't see how to make a new blog... until I went on here through my laptop! Typical lol. So I had been spending most of my day jazzing up a new one on wordpress, before I found the area on this website to do so haha. http://twistedshadowsblog.wordpress.com I'm not sure what to do now, whether keep it or just have this blog on here.. What would your opinions be? Anyway, I have just posted up a few pictures of my completed Chaos Chariot, in the TGA gallery, which I'm really happy about. It was difficult to paint (firstly I was an idiot and glued the horses side by side and on the base, so painting was fun in those hard to reach areas ), then the rest worked out easier luckily. I'm not a huge fan of normal 'gold' colours as I find they tend to look rather dark and too brown, I'm odd and prefer more of a 'melted gold' animated colour. The same with most metals funnily enough. I think they look much more eye catching. I tried not to give the two guys too much detail as I wanted the focus to be on the horses and chariot itself, but still striking, hence the bold colours, something to make them look menacing and powerful. I will probably attempt bravery at some point in the future and add a bit more depth to them, maybe make it all look slightly more subtle, but I'll see, don't want to ruin it and at the moment, I'm quite chuffed with myself. Technically my first finished model for Age of Sigmar.. Next I have my Chaos Warriors to complete, mainly it's the details on their swords. (My Chaos Warriors are more like my pawns, there's also twelve.. I also wouldn't mind having some extra units haha, which all boils down to experimenting on a colour scheme which I can put into play as soon as and get my models looking pretty good for battle. My special characters, like my Standard Bearer etc. will have much more care into them it's my way of trying to balance and time, as I have a bad habit of stagnating (also wanting it PERFECT) on one particular model for awhile. Anyhow, I think for the moment I may leave my wordpress blog, and think about what I want to do with it (now I have this one up and running, which is what I preferred). Any ideas would be awesome Here's my Chaos Chariot.... Toña x
  6. Xox-Kitten-xoX


    My new, new, new blog! Really enjoyed painting my chariot Still learning how to paint them..
  7. Xox-Kitten-xoX


    My new, new, new blog! Think will edit the chariot at some point in the future but I'm really happy with the results, not too shabby
  8. Xox-Kitten-xoX


    My new blog: Twisted Shadows Blog
  9. Xox-Kitten-xoX


    My new blog: Twisted Shadows Blog
  10. Just a couple of things on my original post and a spelling mistake, it doesn't matter though, as I've put the better version in my 'About Me' section, including a link to my very new blog as I couldn't work out how to do it on here lol x
  11. It's bugging me that I can't seem to correct some bits in my post lol
  12. - Hola, me llamo Toña, soy inglesa y vivo en madrid, soy de inglaterra. Hablo muy pequeño español pero siempre practicando, y por favor.. si estas de madrid o españa mensaje me porque ayuda mi aprender. - Hey everyone! My names Toña (although Kitten seems to be what everyone calls me lol). I'm English and I am a TEFL teacher (recently certified ^.^), living in Spain since September 2015 (originally from Kent in the UK) and I have been into tabletop models (mainly painting) since 2015. I was painting Dark Eldar as I love their look and their fluff, but now my Warhammer 40K is on hold, ever since Age of Sigmar came out. 8th edition seemed really cool (it still does) but I'm glad for AoS, because I'm pretty much a new born babe to the characters, history, story, fighting styles, their abilities etc. and the models (along with how you can meld different sub factions into your army is brilliant). I love, love, love Khorne and Slannesh (I'm a Dark Eldar girl so I guess I fit naturally into that dark and twisted world haha). I'm into heavy metal, blues, Spanish, and country/ folk music. I like reading, I'm into sci-fi, fantasy and some horror (getting old, losinf my nerve lol) tv- shows and films. I'm really happy my boyfriend found this community site, as we keep planning to do some AoS blogs and share our progression of painting techniques (and drooling over others ^.^), I would love to be at the painting standard of my boyfriend and everyone I see on Tabletop Minions via Facebook etc. They all look beautiful. Unsure what else to add! Feel free to say Hi Toña/ Kitten XoX
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