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Battle Trait: Pleasure & Pain Thresholds



So my thoughts for changing the battle trait were based around the fact that just running and charging seemed pretty boring. The new Blades of Khorne gave me a lot of inspiration as it is a little out of the box compared to the other Aos Battle traits. This also has me wanting to make some changes to the artifacts of power and go for something more unique to Slaanesh. 

Allegiance Battle Trait:Pain & Pleasure Thresholds

Cult of Slaanesh forces are always focused on bringing pain and pleasure to themselves and those around them. Keep track of the number of wounds that each player causes in each battle round. At the beginning of each battle round Slaanesh units within 12” of the general or another hero gain an ability detailed below.

If the enemy player caused more wounds then the Cult of Slaanesh force is in the pain threshold. Affected units can run and charge in the same turn. Additionally, those units may also add a distance to their run equal to the number of friendly Slaanesh heroes within 12”

If the Cult of Slaanesh player caused more wounds then the Cult of Slaanesh force is in the pleasure threshold. Affected units can add +1 to their hit rolls in the close combat phase.

If the result is a tie then randomise which threshold the Cult of Slaanesh force is in.


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