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Initial Background



The initial Concept for the army. Still not 100% in stone as I'm not very familiar with the all the background so may change if totatlly counter to the canon.

The Shades of Sigmar

Nagash seethed. Unused to this feeling of being outplayed by that impudent fool who calls himself a god. A deal was done, Sigmar could do what he liked with the mortals but once the end came those souls belong to the lord of the dead. He broke the deal with these abominations, these re-forged souls. Once these Stormcast expired and Nagash came to claim their souls try as he might he could not take them. Some essence of them could be claim but these where only fragments, shades of the soul containing but a few memories and inclination of its former owner.

Initially Nagash attempted to combine the essence gained each time a Stormcast died but even when a wraith like form could be created from these fragments the process that damned god of men put them through prevented the control Nagash should have been able to wield over them.

Undeterred Nagash formulated a plan. Like a sand timer each time the Stormcast died a little piece could be transferred into these shades so to complete the soul the Stormcast must die hundreds if not thousands of times, These pure souls were incorruptible only seeking to destroy the enemies they has as in life but Nagash was not without cunning. He used all his power over the dead to impart but one thought. Should its counterpart be seen surely the only righteous course of action would be to destroy the abomination and help further complete the true souls?

Thus Nagash created a dark parody of the Stormcast, his shades of Sigmar. Weapons forged of Necrotite and bone they seek out as they did in life to slay the enemies of Sigmar but should they come across other Stormcast a yearning would take hold to complete the soul and to do so would need the mortal body to be slain.

Nagash rejoiced in his deviousness. Not only would he be able to use Sigmar’s own creations against him but he would see if they were as fearless as they are said to be. For the Stormcast to battle the shades would not only pit them against an equally matched foe but would pit them against a foe who is the other part of yourself and who with every defeat becomes stronger and more of them than they are themselves.


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