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  • Titanium Coils- These whips are carried around at all times, shinning immaculately with a plethora of scythed blades, spikes, and leather. During the shooting phase, this model may whip a close by enemy model. Roll a dice for each wound the model has. On 6, the model suffers a mortal wound.

  • Cloak of Twilight- From an age beyond memory, this cloak bears constellations and causes shadows far beyond that of normal cloth. Roll a dice for each wound or mortal wound this model suffers in the hero phase and shooting phase. On a roll of 4 or more, the wound or mortal wound is ignored.

  • Shadowstone- Carried in a necklace or an a helm, blood spilled nearby causes this stone to pulse with a mysterious light with flashes of shadow. In the close combat phase, keep track of the number of wounds caused in the combat phase. At the end of each close combat phase this model may move a distance equal to the number of wounds caused. *Note that this is not considered a retreat.*

  • Chrome plating- Encased in armour shining so bright that flashes of steel miss completely. Enemy models suffer -1 to hit in close combat if this model has already made close combat attacks.

  • Sigvald’s Rapier- This blade is thin and quick, but sharp enough to pierce even the hardest hide and armour. May increase the rend value of one weapon by 1.

  • Exotic Piercings- Just mere glimpses of the self inflicted pain this creature has done is enough to cause the bravest beast to cower back in fright. Roll a dice for each enemy unit within 3” at the start of your enemies movement phase. On a roll of 1, that unit may must retreat from combat. If the unit is unable to retreat then it may not make close combat attacks.


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