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First draft of Gordak fist of Gorks Waaagh



So I'm posting my first list ahead of my first proper game next Saturday. We are using the SCGT pack from the heelanhammer podcast website using 150 pool points and fielding just 100 of them on the day. Here's my list it's not what I will settle on but it's mostly limited by what models I have at the moment.

Gordak fist of Gork 22
Orruk Ardboyz (20) 16
Ale guzzler Gargant (3) 27
Sourbreath Troggoth (6) 20
Rockgut Troggoth (3) 10
Fellwater Troggoth (6) 20
Arachnarok  spidershrine (15)
Arachnarok with Flinger (13)
Orruk weirdnob shamon (5)

its going up against Archeon and his Chaos  minions. On the day we will be rolling to see which mission out of the 6 we are playing.


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