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The Age of Chaos - Part II



When the pale messenger spoke the words, all hope and reason fell of Arabor in a second. What they have met on the battlefield today, was only a part of Khorne's army. Their fastest troops on horse and Juggernaut-back were able to pass the free people's flank unseen last night and had already sacked the capitol. The royal family and their whole household were not simply slaughtered but their flesh  was torn from their bones while they were still alive, while their bones were fed to the demonic juggernauts. 

Seeing all of his future being razed to ruins and all of his beloved ones gone, an anger raised in Arabor, matching easily the wrath the bloodbound he was fighting. With a rallying cry he called his hearthguard to him and let them form a pigs head. Inspired by the wrath of their leader, the hearthguard gathered as ordered and formed the triangle, ready to strike deep into the enemy lines with this suicidal mission. 



Arabor led his hearthguard straight to the center of the Bloodbound. With the future of the free people already lying in ashes some miles behind them, he wanted to bring as much ruin to the enemy as possible, before he would join his beloved family in Death. His aim was the aspiring Deathbringer, maybe cutting of the head of the snake could at least slow down the crusade ofthe bloodbound into the singing valley.

Deeper and deeper the fine steel of the singing valley cut it's way through the mass of bodies and Arabor prepared to shout out a furios challenge to the Deathbringer, who was now close by.


Above him the storm and the sheet lightnings seem to intensive with the increasing anger, hate and thirst for revenge!


Just when he formed the first insults in his mouth, his hidden magical senses sounded an alarm and by pure instinct he casted a protective mystical shield above him, to save him from the lightning, which struck down from dark stormy clouds above him. 



With an ear-deafening sound the lightning exploded at the mystical shield and struck down the surrounding hearthguard and blood warriors, leaving Arabor alone to face the remaining bloodbound. 



The Deathbringer only shortly hesitated and then laughed out loudly, ordering his own hearthguard of Skullreapers to charge the isolated leader in order to benefit from this surprising situation. 

Far from above Sigmar was stunned for a second as well, as he had not recognized the hidden magical power when he wanted to claim the doomed Arabor for his growing number of stormcasts. But now he felt offended by the refusal of Arabor and also in general he did not trust the magical powers - too easily they could be manipulated by the dark gods. 

Therefore he cursed the defiant Arabor that if he cannot have his soul, it should also not wander to the hidden underworlds beyond the realms of Shyish!

Arabor did not directly take notice of this grudge against him as he was busy defending himself against the five skull reapers. Blow after Blow he was able to parry, until the Aspiring Deathbringer joined the fight himself. Time was running out for him, as the free people's cavalry started a desperate attempt to relieve their leader



But seconds before they arrived, their brave leader was struck down by the merciless blows of the bloodreaver. The last hope of the singing valley had fallen, but his men were at least able to claim his body before the galloped with him from the battlefield so his skull could not be sacrificed to Khorne. With their leader gone, the remaining free people also fled but most of where struck down by the pursuing bloodbound.

Arabor received the traditional funeral in his full ceremonial insignia, how all of his forefathers had done before but closely after the last remaining free people started the exodus out of the singing valley.



Not many could make it to Azyr before Sigmar sealed the last realm gates. The bloodbound razed down the cities of the singing valley to ruins and slaugthered those, who were to slow or weak to escape.

So the hammer works, which had sung their songs for centuries, came to an rest, and the singing valley lost it's name. Over the years it's past got forgotten and the few wanderers who passed it during the later age of Chaos only refered to this devasted landscape as - 

The Silent Valley

But all of them passed it as fast as they could - even though no one lived there beside small groups of ravaging bloodreavers, the wanderers always had the feeling as if they were not alone, but always a somehow restless shadow from the past following them, thirsting to return to this world, thirsting for revenge!


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