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Follow Up: Preventing Hobby Wobble



This is a follow up to a previous post entitled "Preventing Hobby Wobble between Projects"

It has been just about 2 months from my previous post regarding hobby wobble and I wanted to discuss how my attempt at embracing the wobble in a controlled way to knock out smaller projects went for me.

Over these past few months I have managed to knock out the following projects.  Two Battlefleet Gothic Fleets, Ten Dark Angel Terminators, Five Stormcast Judicators, and a handful of one off individual Models. Check out my Twitter feed for pictures! (@odiamh)

Pro Tip #1: Completing a bunch of one off projects doesn't feel this good.

I must admit that the ability to jump between different models and games was a refreshing change for both myself and my brush.  At times it felt as if I was not making meaningful progress, but over time I saw the mini projects begin to fill up my shelves and it was a relief to get these one off projects completed.

However, I found my motivation slipping away as the time went on and I spent fewer and fewer evenings at the painting table.  The issue I had was a lack of excitement in completing a large project.  That feeling of seeing an army 90% painted on the shelf with only a few bare models begging you to finish them so they can join their brothers and sister in glorious battle!  That very high sense of accomplishment simply was not present in my hobby.

Over that time I have managed to purchase a small Sylvaneth Force, five more Judicators, a Lord-Castellant with Gryphound (in fairness this was for a local tournament), the Harlequins from Death Watch Game, and The Burning of Prospero box.  (I also managed to base my Large Orruk Army that is up next on my army projects List).  Lastly, I have committed to a Chaos Force Path to Glory Campaign (yet another army).

Pro Tip #2: Do not buy more then one army at a time (This also annoys the spouse)

Overall I made great progress and put myself behind the eight ball once more as I stacked up multiple army projects.  With no current army on my mind I felt free, but perhaps a bit to free and I managed to get myself in over my head a bit for the future (time will tell).  What I have taken away from this experience, however, is a new found willpower.  I can go into my FLGS and walk out with only the paint I went in for and not that character model that I want to paint because "it looks fun".  Time for the next army....WAAAAAAAAGHH!

Pro Tip #3: Waaagh!


!!!!!Keep a look out in the next few months as I have some big plans coming your way!!!!!

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