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A little overdue

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Hello everyone it has been almost 8 months since I have been able to post anything on my hobby blog.  In real life my wife has had both a tummy tuck and BBL in one year so as you can imagine the finances have been short in the hobby department.  Now that the holidays have come and gone I acquired several units of nighthaunts so I’m looking forward to painting some more ghosts.  Over the last two weeks I got motivated to paint some of my Orruks and I ended up finishing my close combat boys.  Here are some pictures of them.  

After the recent release of the Gloomspite grots and the disappearance of several old kits from the destruction range I’m a little leery to think of the future of the common orruk range. The absence of the chariot and goblin units are less bothering than what might be the loss of the boarboys sets that I have yet to get.  Only time will tell but it isn’t looking promising.  I might have to capitulate and get a truly mixed destruction army, which is fine as the new troggs are awesome looking.






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