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Glorious paths! (PtG Malign Portents game)




So yesterday my dastardly nighthaunt fought against my dads villainous beastmen and won a close fought victory. We played path to glory using the malign portents rules for some extra pizazz. We picked our portents at random and I ended up with the falling star which gave me some surprisingly useful save shenanigans.


Gavespawn beasts can pack a punch! I'm very glad of my etheral since his doombull was capable of doing 5 damage with his axe and was really gunning for my mounted knight of shrouds. At the end of the game I had just 2 chainrasps left who valiently knocked the last 2 wounds off of his summoned bullgors. Chainrasps are a great little battleline ;)


Malign portents was a surprisingly simple and fun addon, we played the they came from below narrative mission from the book which I think was a good fun one. Lots of good shenanigans were had! Even if he kept making me charge on d6 and i kept rolling 1's and 2's... my poor dreadblade harrow barely made his charges.


Unfortunately I have no photos but my list was:

-1 x knight of shrouds on ethereal steed
-1 x Dreadblade harrow
-5 x Glaivewraith stalkers
-4 x Myrnmourn Banshees
-10 x Chainrasps



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