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Retributors and Liberators



I've only managed to get three Liberators and a squad of 5 Retributors done so far but slow and steady wins the race, right?

1 Liberator and 1 Retributor finished.jpg

Finished Retributors 1.jpg

Finished Retributors and Liberators 850x485 49kb.jpg

Single 1st painted Liberator.jpg


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Thanks. To start with I'll stick to the foot (and winged) warriors then maybe in time go down the saddled route. I'll probably have my head turned by another army by that time though. I'm already liking the Ironjawz but love the Undead armies so look forward to them getting some new minis.

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Not as yet. To be honest, I've never based a model in all my time playing 40k so not sure what type I'll go with. I'll read some more fluff and decide then I guess. I've got more minis to paint first including Lord-Relictor (I love his ability to heal and the way he looks. The 40k Chaplain of the AoS world), Lord-Celestant on foot, Lord-Celestant on Dracoth (I still can't decide which I prefer as I love the ability of the 24" bubble no Battleshock of the Dracoth one as Battleshock is a massive game-changer, I'm discovering, but I bet he's going to cost a fortune in points when the points system is introduced as his command ability is great as is his Hammer and the Dracoth), 5 Decimators (love these guys against massed infantry with their 2" axes and the fear they instill in the enemy), 5 Judicators ( I want to add another 5 of these guys so I can either have 5 on each flank or 10 holding one flank. Not sure which will work best), 6 Prosecutors and 15 more Liberators. I love the Prosecutors as well as they are fast and deadly and the Liberators are cannon-fodder but a great looking mini, fun to paint and going to be affordable points-wise when points are introduced.

Anyway, no I haven't thought about basing yet but will do soon enough. I really need to get on and finishing painting first.

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