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Tales of Yelena Stormheart, a prequel story



Hi community,

I translated another story. This time it's more of a prequel. It's the last moment of Yelena Stormheart before becoming a Stormcast Eternal. We already got some information in Yelenas Character Description but here it's a little more fleshed out.

Have fun ?


Decline of the spectral gate monastery


Yelena sat at a bright wooden table in the library of the Spectral Monastery. To the left and right of her were piles of books containing information of ghyran medicinal herbs and the manufacture of medicine. She had been here for several hours and could feel her concentration slowly bottoming out. She looked over to the reception desk where the old librarian Verris was talking to High Priestess Chrysalia. Yelena shivered as the old priestess glared over at her, turned to her book and read a few more lines in the old folio. Sometimes Yelena had the feeling that the strict old Aelflady had a grudge against her, as she lagged behind with her medical studies massively. Somehow much of what she had read the last few years didn’t want to go into her head and she had had only moderate grades in several tests. Yelena felt that she preferred to spend time outdoors, rather than here in the rather stuffy library. 'Maybe I just need some fresh air,' she thought. Shoved several of the folios back to the shelf she had taken them from.

"I'll go outside for a moment, Verris. Can I leave the folio I'm on the table with? "She asked as she walked to his desk.

"Leave it there. You've at least cleared the others back on the shelf," he said smiling, in a calm, friendly voice. "A little fresh air can really work wonders. You have been here for several hours. "

High Priestess Chrysalis raised an eyebrow at Yelena, "But do not neglect your studies again. You're lagging behind the others anyway, "she said sternly.

Yelena winced a little under the tone: "Yes, High Priestess. I'll continue my studies later. "

She left the library and went to her room. On the way she saw several familiar faces.

"Well, Yelena. Are you on a wayward path again? "Arryn asked. The young Aelf with the blond hair smiled at her.

"Arryn, I've been in the library for hours and just got the feeling that my head does not want to know anymore. Have again received a reminder from High Priestess Chrysalis, because my medical studies not as preceded as in the other novices.

Arryn smiled gently, "Sometimes I feel like you're a ranger through and through. Maybe I should give you some tutoring later. "

Yelena chuckled: "I have to see first, that I can clear my head, but maybe come back to you later."

Arryn nodded and moved on.

Yelena entered her room and quickly changed her novice uniform through her green ranger robe. Then she strapped her bow and quiver over her back and checked if her hunting knife was well stowed. Hurriedly she left her room and walked quickly through the entrance hall. Outside, members of the Order hold down their jobs.

As she took a few steps, she glanced back at the scene and saw the light reflected in the brass-colored domes of the monastery she had called her home for years. Several sisters were busy with the ivy trees that grew on the bright stone to prune something so that they took on a handsome shape.

Yelena turned on her foot walked fast step towards the forest. As she neared the edge of the forest she heard in the distance a women's voice calling, "Tree is falling".

Yelena could watch as one of the trees tipped away with a loud creak and the ground shook as the trunk hit the ground.

Yelena approached the fallen trunk. Then she saw the young woman with fiery red short hair wiping the sweat from her forehead.

"Hey Verena!", Yelena called and went to her longtime friend.

"Yelena!", Verena replied with a grin and put her ax aside. "Didn’t you endure it in the library anymore?" Although Verena was quite often outdoor, she was usually quite pale. Her face was covered with freckles.

"I had the feeling that I could not absorb any more knowledge and needed some fresh air." She examined the felled tree.

Before Yelena could ask something, Verena replied, "The tree had an illness. I've had several recently. "Verena scratched the back of her head.

"Could it have anything to do with the forces of chaos?" Yelena asked worriedly.

Verena shook her head. "I don’t know." Then she grinned at Yelena. "Tell me, do we want something else this evening?"

"We can do something. I'll call you later." Yelena hugged her friend and continued into the woods. She stopped at one of the thickest trees, looked up and saw a thick branch in the air.

With skillful movements she climbed up the trunk until she was in the right place and lay down on her with her back on the branch so that her head leaned against the trunk. She loved to sit in a tree and look for prey while blowing a light breeze around her nose. But now she closed her eyes and tried to clear her head. The chirping of songbirds helped her relax. She could not tell how long she had lain on the branch when she was startled by a strange smell. She got up and peeked. There was smoke in the distance. It wasn’t black, as it was used to from fires, but had a rather green glow. 'What is that?' She thought as several trees in the distance suddenly broke away and a large machine appeared. The machine had the rough shape of a mole-rat and began to spew out streams of rats to the magenta and beige-clad rats. 'I have to go back fast,' thought Yelena, jumping down several branches until she finally reached the bottom. She ran as fast as she could. The air to her right suddenly started to flicker. It was as if reality itself was collapsing and ripping open. Several rats, the size of a growing up, jumped out. They carried swords and shields. There were also two more Skaven carrying something like a big drill with a green shimmering stone spike. Yelena's legs burned as she reached the edge of the forest. Members of the Order looked at them confused. "Warriors have appeared in the forest! Ratmen! Give an alarm! "She shouted. The air flickered again and another crack opened. Several rats jumped out and tried to attack the Order members nearby. Yelena reached for her bow, drew an arrow from the quiver, and fired. One of the rat people screamed and collapsed. Others, however, slaughtered friars and sisters who had only their work tools in defense. The bell rang with deafening noise. Ranger armed with bows or spears, ran out of the entrance and headed for the Skaven. Yelena dove to the side as a Clanrat struck her with a sword, grabbed another arrow, and struck the ratman between the eyes. In the distance she could see Verena swinging her ax, cutting the shield and armor of a skaven. Yelena always tried to move, even though her muscles burned from the sprint back to the monastery. She shot arrow after arrow, striking another rat man with each one until she reached into the void and realized she had used up all the arrows. Frustrated, she swung her bow over her back again and reached for her hunting knife. Another Clanrat thrust her sword at Yelena, barely missing her and tearing the fabric at her stomach. Yelena rammed the knife into the skaven's side, which screamed and collapsed. A loud bang followed by a shake lifted them off their feet as a warp bolt hit one of the domes, blasting them and setting the ivy on fire. Yelena was dizzy and her ears were ringing. She just took the skaven blurry, who stabbed his knife into her stomach. Yelena screamed but managed to keep her own knife in her hand despite the pain and rammed it into the skull of the skaven she had attacked. The world became increasingly blurred and more blades hit her. In the distance she saw another ratman, who seemed to be much more armored. He leaned on a large halberd and his left hand seemed to have been replaced by a metal claw. Eyes glowing green, he watched the devastation. Then Yelena collapsed. Any heat seemed to stream out of their bodies, and the world seemed far away. The last thing she heard was her own heartbeat until suddenly everything stopped. No cries from members of the Order, no queuing of rats, no roaring of the monastery bells. Nothing. Only the feeling of warm light that made her last thoughts disappear.



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