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Weekly Hobby Update : 4-11-18



Hey Everyone!  I have some great news as the Age of Sigmar Team Doubles Event at this year's NOVA Open has officially doubled due to the quick sell out.  We are going from 20 teams to 40 with the potential to add a few more if we sell out once again.  The Grand Tournament still has plenty of room left, but tickets are beginning to move once again so be sure to jump on it soon.  This year promises to be bigger then the last and my biggest Hobby focus is creating fun and competitive Event packs that I hope to get out in the coming months.


While my hobby desk hasn't seen much paint or model building lately it has seen hobby of a different sort.  The last few oval cavalry bases I needed showed up in the mail allowing me to finish rebasing my remaining Aelven Heros.  As I mentioned before I plan to finish the texture, flock, etc... on these bases as I use the models for games in the coming year.  The quick release schedule for Games Workshop means that any of these, now smaller, Aelf factions could see an update by way of Battletome in the future.  Unless I decide to commit to a universal basing scheme, which at the moment is unlikely, I won't be rushing to flock all of these models at the moment.  That said I can safely say phase one of "The Great Aelven Rebasing Project" complete.


While I recently chose to take all my 40k models and put them in storage below my hobby desk I just couldn't bring myself to do the same for all of my Aelves.  While this is a temporary solution as I am planning a major renovation of my basement and Hobby space in the next few months I picked up a simple storage shelf for the interim. Have no worry as it is secured to the other two tables so the risk of falling over is very low, but dust might be an issue until I install proper quality storage sections.  The shelf was very inexpensive and I might purchase a second this week so my 40k can also be out for easy access as opposed to stored, forgotten, in a storage bin.


The little bit of paint I did accomplish this past week was getting the black and gold done on my last unit of Sisters of Slaughter.  They still have a lot to go, but with a nice long hobby chat the time moved very quickly and I plan to have these finished up in the next day or so in order to give my full attention to my Melusai and Khinerai in the coming weeks.  


While the below might just look like an empty hobby desk, which is it, there is one small addition to the far right.  At the recent Adepticon, my friend Sean (BrushForHire) snagged me a great deal on a Badger Air Compressor.  Now that my Aelf rebasing is at a natural stopping point and is stored the idea of having my airbrushing table back, and complete is very exciting and I cannot wait to get back to learning this tool.  While I still have a few more kits for my Daughters of Khaine to work through I have committed the remainder of this year to improve my hobby skills.  I have become adept at painting vast hordes of models to a nice tabletop quality, but I am still very much a novice in creating true artistic quality and rarely put in more than a handful of hours on a single model.  The recent exception was Morathi and her model was the catalyst to pursue this goal.

I plan to work on some one-off projects in the way of minis and some busts before "diving" in on the Idoneth Deepkin to really put my skills to the test.  I am very excited that the Aelves are back in force and with having painted up a Daughters of Khaine Horde army rather quickly I want to step out of my comfort zone with the Idoneth and paint them to the highest quality I can.  My goal for the Idoneth is to have it painted to a high enough quality that it earns a painting nomination at a large event such as Adepticon or LVO.  Resisting the urge to buy it all and paint it up right away will be tough, but I have set my goal and I plan to put my effort toward achieving it.


The last bit of Hobby I have been working on, as I mentioned above, is the Event Packs for this year's NOVA Open Grand Tournament and Team Doubles.  While I cannot show you any pictures here I can say that the pack is nearing completion and I have some amazing people who will be helping me tighten it up before it is released to the wild.  Hopefully, your hobby progress has been fruitful whether is have been painting, building, or less flashy, but just as important, Hobby like I have had this past week.  Be sure to check back this Friday as Paul returns to give us a recap of his Age of Sigmar Narrative event from the recent Adepticon.  Until then, Happy Hobbying.

Chuck Moore

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