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Tales of Yelena Stormheart 2



So, after quite some time I really should post something

I made another story for Yelena, but this time it's more like a prequel.

This should be the first time Yelena woke up after getting reforged.

I know, this story is a little different in comparison to the rare parts that were mentioned in background (like the reforging of Torglug who became Tornus or the Reforging of Vandus Hammerhand), but just have fun.

(if something of the wording is a little of, like the other stories it is translated from german, and to speed the process a little up, letting google making the main translation, while correcting some parts afterwards


Reforged, a new life



"Uh, what happened to me?" The young woman wondered as she slowly came to herself. Everything in her head was spinning, and when she opened her eyes, she felt blinded and at first only blurred. As her eyes cleared, she realized that this place wasn’t familiar to her. She was in a small room with bare walls. Several candles burned in candle holders that were attached to the wall. She lay in a rather simple bed with white sheets, which was still in a much better condition than her own bed had been with the Order. As she sat up slowly, she noticed pain in her whole body. She felt like she had gone through hell literally. As she looked down, she noticed she was dressed in a sleeveless turquoise robe with the symbol of a two-tailed comet embroidered with gold thread. "Isn’t that the sign of Sigmar?", The young woman thought in surprise. Still slightly dazed, she examined her body. She had changed. Her body was more muscular than she remembered and she had the feeling that she was taller as well. In addition to the stronger muscles she saw small scars, she never had seen before. "What happened to me?" She wondered aloud.

"As I see you coming to you," a calm voice said from the door.

"What?", The young woman startled from her thoughts and looked to the door. A tall figure in turquoise armor, with white shoulder armor and gold decorations stood in the doorway. His face was hidden behind a skull-shaped mask. "Who ... who are you and where am I? Am I dead? "The young woman asked. The sight of the figure frightened her. She had never seen such a figure before.

"Dead?" The figure asked in a calm, analytical voice. "Well, let's say you’re not dead anymore. You really were dead for a long time. But our god Sigmar saved your soul and gave you new life. To introduce myself first. My name is Morbius. I’m Lord Relictor of the Celestial Vindicators. We belong to a group called Stormcast Eternals. How are you feeling?"

"My whole body hurts and feels tense."

"This is normal after the first reforging. You'll feel better and stronger soon”, Morbius said calmly.

"What do I mean by reforging?"

"All in good time. What do you remember from the time before you woke up here? "

The young woman tried to collect her thoughts. "My name ... my name is Yelena Stormheart. I’m a novice of the verdant cycle. The monastery of the order was attacked by ratmen. The last thing I can remember is fighting against them. "

"Can you tell me something about the Order, Mrs. Stormheart?"

"The Order devoted itself to the worship of the Everqueen Alarielle."

"Oh, you were a worshipper Alarielles?"

"Yes," said Yelena, looking questioningly at Morbius, but couldn’t see through the skull mask and his calm voice how she should assess his reaction. "Is that a problem for you?"

"No, Alarielle was an important ally in Sigmar's Pantheon. But we have not heard anything for centuries. "

"Alarielle is a living person?" Yelena asked, puzzled.

"Of course, she's lives in Ghyran. However, during the Age of Chaos, she has retreated to a secret place. Sigmar is also alive and reigning from this palace. "

Yelena could hardly believe what she heard. Although she had heard stories from the myths during her studies, she had assumed they were stories and myths.

"May I ask you something, Lord Morbius?"

"What do you want?" Morbius replied.

"What happened to the spectral monastery?"

"Unfortunately, I do not have much information about the monastery, except that it was destroyed centuries ago. Maybe our acolytes in libraries have a scroll about it.

Yelena's eyes widened. She took a hand over her mouth and shook her head in disbelief before asking, "Centuries ago? That means, everyone I knew is probably dead? "

"Quite possible. But I have no information what happened to your friends. "

Yelena did not know what to say when she thought of everyone she had known. She had lost everything. They felt close to tears.

Morbius put his armored hand on her shoulder: "I can understand how you feel. We have all lost many  friends in the last few centuries. The forces of chaos have occupied large parts of the empires, desecrating places, killing people, duardin and aelfes alike who could not be converted by them. You have to be strong for what is to come! Do you still have questions before I have to leave you for now? "Even though his voice is calm and partial feeling cold, compassion was still felt. Yelena looked into the skull mask's eyes: "Where am I? You say something about a palace."

"This is Sigmar's palace in Azyr, the last sanctuary for the peoples of order. Blessed be Sigmar that he could prevent the conquest of Azyr. But we will soon recover the realms of chaos. I will leave you now. You will also receive your armor tomorrow and fight for Sigmar and all the peoples of order. The maids will help you buckle it on. They will then escort you to the Judicator Temple, where your training will begin." Morbius turned and left the room. Yelena's thoughts flickered. "I had been dead for centuries? And now should I, a faithful of Alarielles, fight for Sigmar? "Several hours passed while Yelena tried to handle her losses before she decided to get up and learn about her new surroundings. She slipped in a pair of sandals that stood in front of her bed. She felt a bit shaky on her feet in relation to the time she didn’t had walked and went to the door to possibly get some more information about her new life.

Actually I don't know if there is a follow up with her training, because I don't know how Stormcast Eternal training would look like.

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