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Maggotkin book

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Dave Fraser


So I posted up my intentions for 2018 and you know what wasn't in there despite having seen the preview pics, Nurgle, but you know what is now in my to do list... Nurgle.

That said it's not an awful lot that I need to add to my army, currently I own the following nurgle stuff all painted up:

1 Exalted Great Unclean One (FW model)

1 Great Unclean One (Alternative Plague Daemon nurle from Mierce)

1 Herald of Nurgle

30 Plaguebearers

3 Nurglings

6 Plague Drones

7 Beasts of Nurgle


That by itself does not make a 2000pts force.  So what I'm looking at is a fun excuse to run my big monsters and the reviews by Facehammer & The Black Sun (Chris Tomlin) discussed a Battalion using 3 Great Unclean Ones and that just sounds like ace fun and a good excuse to get my big gribbies on the table.

This lead me to the following list:

eGUO 500

GUO 340

Rotigus 340 (new special character GUO)

Battalion 160

30 Plaguebearers 320

5 Blight Kings 160

5 Blight Kings 160

Total 1990

The list is 10pts away from what I'd wanted which was to be able to drop 5 Blight Kings down to Nurgle Chaos Warriors and then have 100pts for a summoning pool available.


The alternative I've been considering is dropping the exalted down to just a regular GUO (given the new GUO is bigger it doesn't feel very special anymore so would assume people will not be too upset by this).  That then frees up 160pts, so I can then drop the blight kings to warriors giving me 230pts, which could become Festus because I love his model and have it sat waiting to do and also he has some tasty rules, plus gives me access to the rotbringer spell that makes 6's mortal wounds to basically turn the plaguebearers into an offensive unit as well as defensive.

The second list just feels a lot more rounded and means I can actually use the contagion points for something other than trees but it's not using the eGUO as what it is that is always something I'm wary of doing.

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