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And so comes the Harbinger of Decay ready to bring death and decay in Grand Father Nurgle's name


Thought I should start with the beginning of my AOS Nurgle army as it slowly takes shape. First is the hordes leader who shall be a Harbinger of Nurgle named Michael Vilepox a fallen warrior who fell in thrall to Nurgle becoming one of his pestilent champions. I hope to keep this regularly updated though I admit it will be slightly slow as I do play a lot of other armies mainly 40k and horus heresy so get distracted a lot xD

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The Harbinger

Here is my Harbinger well dismounted since his mount which is a palanquin of Nurgle  I kinda misplaced somehwere and can't find it which sucks. The Palanquin is done so it can be used for a multitude of my other Nurgle minis I have both 40k and AOS so the Harbinger can just fit in it quite easily (as I originally made it for a 40k Sorcerer)   He was made using a Chaos Sorcerer Lord with a head swap from the Blight King set (also where the shield on his back came from too) Has a Plague



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