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About this blog

Welcome to my blog! This is my second attempt at blogging, but I never got around to posting on the first one. Hopefully, this time will be different. 😊

In this hobby blog, I will be sharing my various miniature projects and lore thoughts within the Warhammer universes.

I have recently assembled my first Age of Sigmar army (Slaves to Darkness), although I already have some warbands and miniatures.

Additionally, I have ongoing projects in Warhammer 40k and The Old World, which might come up later.

That’s it for my first post. I will try to upload pictures of Slaves to Darkness project soon and post updates on it.

Until next time, Zar Franz

Entries in this blog

My first post

First real post. I was going to spray paint my Slaves to Darkness today, but due to rain, I have postponed it until tomorrow. This does gives me time to add some minor bits (some fyreslayer axes for fun).   I have also updated my profile with my current projects in warhammer and different hobbies, hoping that showing them will motivate me to actually finish them.


ZarFranz in General

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