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About this blog

The betrayed rise in the Temple of Blood, taking up their rusted weapons they prepare for war. Under the banner of the Blood King, the dead beset the living

This is a (somewhat) new Nighthaunt army I'm working on, it's got some conversions here and there, and these conversions are what I'll mostly be focusing on.

Entries in this blog


The Balefire Prince

My custom Guardian of Souls finally has a complete model! (the paint job is by no means done) I decided to go with a green color scheme (backstory reasons, and so he could stand out). it is most likely not noticeable, but his skull his etched with feint green runes. for the color scheme, I really wanted a smoke/balefire look, so I went with a spray of chaos black, and on top of that, I painted some celesta grey where the ethereal meets the armor. the flames are highlighted with ogryn c
Minor Changes

Minor Changes

I cut some skulls off an old (and rather ugly) lord executioner, and fashioned them to look as if the were trailing from Tarvad's cloak. Further "minor changes" will be posted in the comment section.

The Blood Host

I had a request to show my army, so I'll show the semi-complete characters that I have, it's not all the models I have, but you'll get the idea.  

The Blood King rises

Tarvad, the Knight of Shrouds, and his faithful Lord Executioner (or Cairn Wraith). I can't decide whether to field Tarvad as a Knight of Shrouds, or Riekenor the Grimhailer, as he shares aspects with both.  I've got more Nighthaunts, but they didn't have any conversions, so I didn't think it worthwhile to show them. A Stormcast Eternal Lord Celestant is in the making, for any who want to see him. (any constructive criticism is welcome)  
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