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About this blog

A delve into the life of a hobbyist who has hobby A.D.D. and aspires to one day play more tabletop wargames. These are his stories


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I Did A Thing

Sooo... That was Faster than I anticipated   I got a little gung-ho this weekend. With only one day off I decided that I needed to get something done, and set out to try figuring out my army schemes. I think I have done that!  It started with Two models I have had forever. An old Vampire Countess model, and the newer (though still before round bases) Wight King. These models are so fantastic, and full of character. The old countess is a Metal model, and in the last few years of pl



Of Great beginnings, and Single steps.

so this is where it starts... Like most wargamers, I imagine, I have many lofty goals. Play more games, paint more miniatures, have more fun... Profit? This blog is my attempt to get all of these things done.  I'm mostly new to AoS, as I've been out of the fantasy game since seventh edition (just seemed to fall by the wayside to 40k, and infinity) but I've got loads of GW models. Death, seraphon, high elves, skaven, chaos, bretonnians, I've kept them all.  If I have learned o



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