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About this blog


For me, the hobby side of creating and painting miniatures is an experience that helps me process different sides of my life and myself. It provides me a great escape from some difficult-to-deal-with realities, and by giving myself space from the ideas I may be struggling with, I find that I'm able to make connections that soothe me. I'm hoping to use this blog as a place to share my work along with some of the personal experiences and thoughts that come hand in hand with my artistic endeavors.

I have a number of projects that have been completed to their current state (I often ruminate about future plans for these projects that aren't directly on the work-table yet), a number that are part way completed, and a few that are ideas in my mind that I'm watching to see whether they will break through the wall from thought to action.

I like to pay attention sometimes between the balance of trying to make something 'great' and simply making something that is in my mind. A lot of the projects that I feel the most strongly towards are ones that don't fit into what I would consider 'amazing work', and yet because I was able to work with them from my 'insides,' they mean a lot to me. I'm under the impression that its a continuing balance that most people are looking for in their lives.

I hope that in this blog and through sharing my experiences I may be able to hear some thoughts from others both about their own connections to their work and comments or questions about the processes and experiences I've had myself.


Due to a medical condition of mine, I will likely need to take this slowly at times, take breaks, or otherwise pause in my responses to others.


For now I'd like to post some pictures of my Great Unclean One and hopefully in my next post share a bit about my experience with the project.

Thank you for reading.











Entries in this blog

The SwampBound Hunt

Hello All, I find myself feeling that sharing some might be a good idea, so here goes! Unfortunately, I don't think I'm quite lined up to share about that Great Unclean One who's images I shared in the blog description, so that will have to wait. Instead I have a finished diorama of mine, based around my SwampBound army (Swamp themed Khorne Bloodbound). After completing the blog entry I've popped back up here to give warning that a lot of what I've chosen to write about in th



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