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About this blog

We are the NEON. Here is our manifesto:

Inspire players to embrace the Narrative Play of Age of Sigmar.

We wield models, play areas, terrain, maps, game mechanics and anything else we can think of to create and share stories within the Mortal Realms. When NEOs are given room to impact the battles on the table, the legends echo beyond the last battle round.

Produce a collective fountain of knowledge & resources

Beyond the 4 edges of the battlefield the NEOs play, experimenting with game mechanics, tweaking scenarios, and mashing ideas together to serve players and narrative. Because we freely borrow, we freely share.

Encourage more Narrative Events by encouraging more NEO

We hail the NEOphyte who takes those community resources ventures out to run events of all sizes, from small weekend campaigns to full on narrative event weekends. The secrets of space rental, pack writing, event promotion, players attraction and expectation setting, need but to be unlocked.

Entries in this blog

The Filthy Casual NEON Show

WeAreTheNEON has upgraded the website http://wearetheneon.com and started a show on YouTube focused on casual conversation about narrative play in the Age of Sigmar. How to find narrative events, how to play them, and how to start your own! https://youtu.be/QinkFz8VbbQ



7 days till RAW17

The Realms at War narrative event is coming up fast, and we’ve been watching the WIP progress of some players with their leviathans created especially for this event. Today, with 7 days left until RAW17, we’re going to feature WIP pics of 7 leviathans by 7 different players… in no particular order. This winner of last year’s coolest army, Bishmeister, is creating a rogue idol for his Forest Moonclan army: The winner of both best Aspirant and best Legend from RAW16, Alexander  Nyga



Featured Narrative of the Week

We are plotting our course through next year, and one thing we would like to add to our mission is utilizing the NEON blog and website to collect and promote a wide variety of narrative events and developments within the hobby.  To this end, we are adding a new weekly feature, our narrative of the week. Each Wednesday we will highlight an upcoming narrative event or post a retrospective with pictures taken during a one already past. Everyone in the NEO Network loves narrative play, but



How to find a venue for your event

The NEON group started a blog with different members writing about different aspects of organizing a gaming event. We published on The Grand Alliance forum with a series of short articles featuring "how to" tips for planning and running an event, covering things like making sure you have enough terrain to getting your players registered. We wanted to keep topics generalized and not just specifically for the Coalescence global narrative event, and we wanted to provide some help for new organizers



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