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About this blog

Enjoy creative battle reports within these entries.  The consecutive matches on our game table will form a narrative through vivid imagery, backstory and reflection on the scenarios within.  Each entry in the sequence intends to inspire your hobby, fire your imagination and empower you to make Age of Sigmar a unique and pleasurable gaming experience.  

I hope you follow these stories inked in blood, along with our game room mascot -- the Killer Rabbit with big pointy teeth.

All Constructive feedback welcome, and thanks for viewing.


Entries in this blog

Scenario 1: Watchtower / Nurgle vs. Skaven

Welcome to the first Legacy of Ink and Blood entry. Posed shot during match set-up:  Warriors of Chaos enter the Blood Forest.    Terrain from the Fanticide Range by Architects of war / Alien dungeon (R.I.P.) Scenario Setting: The Realm of Life is steadily growing poisoned, tainted with the blight of Chaos and their troops who revel in miasma and disease. Vast black shardes of volcanic rock have jutted from the despoiled lands once lush with green.  Many portions of



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