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Having had a year of gaming and tournaments playing Stormcast with great success (6th Warlords, 8th Alliance) it's time to start prepping for 2017 with a different allegiance. 

I'be really enjoyed the way Death play when I've come up against them and as they seem under represented at present I feel it's time to take the Blood Kiss and take the plunge!

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A grand ritual of awakening and a trip to the spa!

To get the ball rolling I've decided to take a 1000 point list to a little tournament in a spa this weekend. I've had 4 weeks to get this done whilst also trying to balance a new addition to the family . This has been a lesson in speed painting though the results are very satisfactory. The colour scheme was chosen by my three year old on a trip to Warhammer World and I really like the effect. Consultation fee of one Elsa doll has been paid! So the list is as follows: Vampire Lord



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