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  1. My list for tonight 2.5k

    Hi all so having my first game tonight with my friend Mark this is our biggest yet he is play mixed chaos daemons against my hordes of ogres here the list let me know what you thinks Allegiance: gutbusters LeadersFrostlord on Stonehorn (460)- Artefact: Battle Brew- AlliesButcher (140)Butcher (140)Tyrant (160)- General- Pair of Clubs, Bashers or Slicers- Trait: RavagerBattleline6 x Ironguts (400)- Gutbusters Battleline12 x Leadbelchers (560)- Gutbusters Battleline12 x Ogors (400)- Pairs of Ogor Clubs or Blades6 x Ogors (240)- Ogor Clubs or Blades with Iron FistsReinforcement Points (0)Total: 2500 / 2500Allies: 460 / 500
  2. @Malakreefairs I do agree though plan is to keep the thundertuska together for flanking and purposes
  3. So I am working towards braggoths beast hammer this will be the next list to come and it looks super fun @Malakree Allegiance: DestructionHuskard on Thundertusk (380)- Blood Vulture 3x3 Icefall Yhetees 2x frost sabres Thundertusk Beastriders (360)Thundertusk Beastriders (360)Thundertusk Beastriders (360)Jorlbad (120)Reinforcement Points (0)Total: 1980/ 2000Allies: 140 / 400
  4. Don't get me wrong I'm gonna start with this as a first list then I'm gonna go with something similar and different might try the yethees out with thundertusks so they can run and charge will deliver to another list in a post @Malakree
  5. I think I like this list tbh give me a butcher buff and someone to cast mystic shield plus enough heroes for death and duality
  6. Allegiance: DestructionFrostlord on Stonehorn (460)Butcher (140)- AlliesIcebrow hunter (140) 4 x Mournfang Pack (320)- Gargant Hackers 4 x Mournfang Pack (320)- Gargant Hackers 4 x Frost Sabres (80)3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)Braggoth's Beast Hammer (260)Reinforcement Points (0)Total: 2000 / 2000Allies: 280 / 400 @Naflemand @Malakree
  7. It all good and this looks like similar I was considering let me know how it goes @Naflem:)
  8. Gonna be honest this above list looks quite solid itself to be fair lots of gore gruntas etc
  9. I see @NaflemI am going to be honest this had made me feel a little uncomfortable as I'm trans (I understand it is a giggle :p) :3 @Malakreethanks for the list ideas
  10. Problem is I don't think the mournfang are as good in smaller units :3 cause that double atk isn't as brutal otherwise :3 I think I'm just gonna get enough for all lists and try and send what fits my playstyle and gonna be honest the artifacts are poo @Malakitheand @Malakreeand I am a girl you butt
  11. Don't worry it has be clarified also a she is in order not he @Naflem
  12. I have considered that I may need some cheap 20 units so may try the option once the beast hammer is built
  13. Events UK: Justice Series V (Liverpool)

    Is there still spaces available?? @JustPlay-Ritchie
  14. Events UK: The Sheffield Slaughter- Age of Sigmar

    Is it possible to reserve a spot and pay later as I get paid in 2 weeks?