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  1. Bethorina

    Events UK: South Coast GT 2018

    What is the venue details?
  2. Gone with just legion of the night :3 so much easier and better people's thoughts it feels alot more rounded also got the corpse cart in
  3. Spode what I could do is drop 3 hosts grt 2 of the units to 10 thoughts??
  4. Ah thanks for the head up I don't have my book to hand etc so I couldn't remember if they could ally with them or not etc assumed they could haha I am defo aiming towards the second list
  5. So I would probs start all the ghosts in reserve for summoning out of gravesites and depending on the match up may put the 1 Necromancer and manfred in reseeves with one unit of dogs or all the unit of doggos for the actual battle trait
  6. Hi all with new book outI am tempted by the list below as it gets me down to 6 drops as I can summon in all hosts and hex wraiths from the gravesite rather then deploying them etc and gives me access to the new spells giving manfred a chance to get into combat turn one and I have a decent target for mystic shield rather then putting it on another Necromancer etc I need advice on what relic to take as mannfred is the leader :3 - Legion of the night Allegiance: Legion of Night Necromancer Necromancer Mannfred Mortarch Of Night 10 x Hexwraiths 9 x Spirit Hosts 9 x Spirit Hosts 10x Dire Wolves 5x Dire Wolves 5 x Dire Wolves 1x corpse cart with unholy loade
  7. Bethorina

    Events UK: BOBO 2018 Bravery One British Open

    @Anyone seen Grimnir? Is there any tickets left and if possible could you put my name down and I'll pay my deposit on Fri 16th Feb??
  8. Bethorina

    Events UK: SCGT Warmup Event - 1 Dayer - Leeds 21st April

    Sign me up bethany Taylor
  9. Bethorina

    Events UK: The Sheffield Slaughter- Age of Sigmar

    @Pete Scholey I saw in the event pack that changling can not score as he can't be targeted however can he score if I reveal him and he can then be targeted then can he score etc? Just thought I'd ask as I do agree anything that can't be targeted should not be aloud to score but only until they can be targeted as the changling can not become un targetable once he is revealed
  10. Bethorina

    Events UK: The Sheffield Slaughter- Age of Sigmar

    How did you do in heat 1?
  11. Bethorina

    Events UK: The Sheffield Slaughter- Age of Sigmar

    This will be my first event for 2018 is anyone taxi sharing at all from Sheffield Station at all??
  12. Bethorina

    Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    It is indeed the input I was after I have only had a brief overview tbh so far so all this is great advice And ye I was in about mystic shield
  13. Bethorina

    Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    List 2 is mixed order so it is legal I'm using free peoples as a foundation was easier to copy and paste all then to take it out As for the command trait I'd rsther a 100% chance something eont run away rather then like a 1/6 chance why I chose that trait if someone got to. Your gun line and there still three after charging them there dead already, Fair dos in the gryphknights just think a big block would look cool plus tank with that 3+ save