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  1. Line of sight

    Humans like to get things perfect. The question posed is one about the way things "should" be and what is ultimately fairest and balanced and the best way to play the game. Rarely do questions like this have immediately apparent functionality. I don't feel this makes them not worthwhile. It is a forum to discuss the game after all. It's fine to talk about things. And if we are talking about what is "needed", playing the wargame at all certainly isn't something we "need" to do, so this seems unfair as a qualifier. The other qualifier of enjoyment? Who can say how much OP enjoys the discussion he started. You'd have to ask him about enjoyment. Agreed. I find that simply announcing your intent with things like movement is the way to go. "I want him to be outside of 3" so he's not tagged in combat" "Can you see him around the corner of the building? No? Good!" It's especially important around objectives. And does save tons of time.
  2. Line of sight

    There are rules for walls and fences in the app!
  3. Pestilens Thread, tactics, builds, advice

    I have found the monks really don't need the help. Better off with more monks.
  4. "Just Play Better"

    Also I believe on all the deepstrikes I've ever played against you I get the followup 9" charge. Is that true? It's only 3-4 times but still good.
  5. "Just Play Better"

    The distribution of monks is 40, 40, 40, 10, 10 . I can not find a way to make it 130 exact to praise the rat. But the list is 13 drops. There is also an arch warlock ally with balewind which is an amazing artillery piece.
  6. Pestilens Thread, tactics, builds, advice

    Yep it is in the GHB. You can take either your factions allegiance abilities or the GA abilities. Allegiance for battleline isn't affected by which abilities you take. I don't have the book with me but it's clearly worded. In the same way that last year Ironjawz did not lose their battleline for taking GA: Destruction abilities. You can run an all verminus army with stormvermin as battleline and take the GA: Chaos abilities. They are not always just chaos battleline though, only if everyone is verminus (minus the allies of course).
  7. Pestilens Thread, tactics, builds, advice

    This is not correct. You can take the GA chaos allegiance abilities and still have plague monks as battleline.
  8. Can you cite any bad stories about CMON delivery-wise or miniature wise?
  9. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    I think he's just simply bad. 4 wounds with a spell with d6" range. The command ability requires that the unit be wholly within 18" during the charge phase. I think it is not worth moving the general up. You sacrifice the command trait and the 4+ rampaging destroyers move.
  10. Malign Portents

    You shouldn't paraphrase in such a way that it alters the tone of the original statement and makes someone look like a ******. edit: apparently it bleeps the "J" word
  11. CMON games are always a great deal for the amount of miniatures you get. These are very good sculpts.
  12. Malign Portents

    And turns into Nurgle which we just got!
  13. Pestilens Thread, tactics, builds, advice

    It's confusing because army allegiance and allegiance abilities are two different things that use the same word. Like Ironjawz in the first handbook. They have the destruction keyword, so they took the GA destruction allegiance abilities. This did not make them lose their battleline-if. They still had Ironjawz allegiance. The same thing is happening here. If all your army has the pestilens keyword, they have pestilens allegiance, making the monks battlelin. Choosing the GA chaos abilities doesn't take away the battleline-if status, and neither would choosing nurgle. The same would happen if you ran a slaves to darkness list with nurgle allegiance abiltities. Chaos knights would be battleline.
  14. Pestilens Thread, tactics, builds, advice

    There is no other option for general unless you want to run the furnace. I run the verminlord as general with master of rot and ruin. This makes him a 12 wound priest with a good command ability and two spells. Mystic shield goes on the furnace or himself if he is too far away from the furnace. Plague is a great spell. He doesn't do much damage in combat and can die quickly if they put anything serious into him. I like to use him as an annoying little threat. He is mostly bait. I do not care if he goes down. The best thing about pestilens is that the units of 20 monks can buff themselves and kill most anything on the charge. You can lose any piece of this army and still function. The furnace is probably the best buff piece since rabid fever is so good. The alternative to the corruptor is 40 more rats which is just fine as well.
  15. Repainting the Rats

    Looks great. A swarm will be menacing. Mine are in progress, I have 30 done out of 130 (praise the rat) in an bright colored Mike McVay style. Got the furnace, verminlord, and all the allies done as well.