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  1. Could we possibly make Scale Shield give a 5+ to mortal wounds instead of making it a mystic shield copy? And add an additional artifact like Talisman of Protection (a destruction artefact that gives a 4+ mortal wound save). This would mean you can choose the Scale Shield situationally when you set up your wizard, keeping your army versitile. It will make you choose which unit needs the protection the most. This would be tested against MW heavy armies and we can decide if we need more or if the single spell would be enough.
  2. Awesome! I'm happy you had a good game. What faction did you play? Heavy Scaled Leader on the carnosaur was something I thought could be strong. Getting him close to many enemies to use the roar ability. Let me know if you play again.
  3. I wrote Geometric Hand as a "move" to imply it must remain 3" from enemy units. I imagined this would be sufficiently limiting given considered placement by the opponent. Perhaps changing it to a 6" move would be better? Makes it a little easier to calculate where all the terrain may in a given battle round. I'd want to avoid making them too sylvanethish (already getting close as sylvaneth were the model for these abilities). The artifacts: Scale cloak is great defensively and I think fair. The Saurus Sunblood has this ability already, so you could go for a tanky build. Azyr Drum is for a mobility centered build that lets you target the unit you need to move fast. Good to partner with the Primal Heartbeat command trait or the Slanns command ability or both. A dynamic trait as opposed to the cloak which is static. Ancient Weapon is strong on oldbloods (really that's who it's meant for). I liked the idea thematically that it was such a powerful weapon that it couldn't be affected by negative modifiers. Sublime Icon is the best one. Combined with Gaze Infinite Sublime command trait, carnosaur roar, dread saurian roar, and stardrake icon (from saurus warriors) you can smash anyone in battleshock. Stacking in this way is fair and valid to me because it requires you placing the units in the proper spots. Dragon Blood Potion and Glamourus Scale are simple artifacts in line with the ones from the GHB. All of these are designed to create tactical threats (but not overload you with tactical threats) but force dynamic list creating. If you want to make one of the artifacts very strong you must build for it. I don't want the artifact to be a straightforward bonus, but to be placed to synergize in the list and open up opportunities for the army to play in different and interesting ways.
  4. Looks like it's just you and me Aginor. Let me know if you do some games with the abilities and what you think about them.
  5. Yes Scale Shield and Starbolt are simply meant to bypass the rules of one but make them just a touch harder to cast. I wanted players to have to invest a bit more if they wanted to spam offensive magic or double up on the shield (by either taking Kroak's tooth or staying close to arcane terrain or utilizing the mediation spell). With good armor saves already on many of the troops I wanted to avoid stacking mystic shields and instead force the player to spread the shields around, hence you can't cast Scale Shield and Mystic Shield on the same target. The idea would be to have a "hunker down" turn in which you double up on the shields at a critical time and try to weather the storm like a turtle. Force the opponent to focus down a single unit then strike back when you can. I was worried that Saurus Guard already get a 2+ save with their battalion and that the extra shield cast would make most of the board a bit too strong, but with the focus on summoning and battalions with the allegiance abilities multiple smaller units are more likely and thus the shields get less bang for their buck since they are not affecting a large unit of 40 models at a time. Starlight Precision is indeed the ability I like the most. In my building of Seraphon lists I wanted to create a summoning heavy army but the thought of failing a 10 casting roll to summon a much needed large creature made it seem very weak compared to something like warrior brotherhood. Using Starlight Precision first can let you see if you can get that big monster (partnered with meditation it can be very good.) I was proud of this one as it was very fitting for the army. Missing a big roll for something essential like getting the unit on the board hurts bad (for your strategy as well as thematically) when the army is meant to be adept at magic.
  6. I am ready to offer my reasoning for any of the abilities here but it is of course probable that I have missed broken things.
  7. Seraphon could use a small boost. Heroes and battalions and a few of the big monsters would benefit from a slight point reduction. My initial assessment is that this wouldn't take more than a reduction of 20 points for a few models and battalions. What would really make them strong and give a dynamic range of lists is to have allegiance abilities and a spell lore similar to Sylvaneth. A bit more magical umph. So I have made some. Any players are encouraged to try. Please treat this as a work in progress. Any kind of constructive feedback is welcome, be it in terms of broken combos, casting roll changes, or the specific language on the ability texts. seraphon abilities.pdf
  8. I play mostly 2000, but a friend has been starting a new army and we have been playing 1k with him. I've found 1k to be very exciting and fast with enough strategy and tactical ideas to stay interesting. It's very enjoyable and I would recommend pursuing a 1k army. And if you start a 1k army and the list doesn't feel strong enough, you have not invested much cash into it and can try again and adjust.
  9. Oops this belongs in the Generals Handbook 2 Feedback thread. I won't derail this one any further. My mistake!
  10. Seraphon are weak and need adjusting. This could be changed by an overhaul on summoning and some tweaks on points.
  11. Speculation and plots don't enhance my understanding or enjoyment of the game. These things described here are not a massive injustice (even if they were not imaginary) in any sense and don't seem to deserve the full attention of the thread. I am immensely excited about and find it better to instead discuss about how good the slayers will be. 30 Vulkites for 360 is a screaming deal. Tanky tanky. I think these changes could pull the faction together.
  12. We ran into a situation last week where a unit of skeletons rolled 6 models back and used them to conga over to an objective in the final turn to win an otherwise lost position. In this situation the player who did well to pick their combats wisely and utilize their chaff units to keep the skeletons tagged in combat and unable to reach the objective was not rewarded for their good play. These movement abilities, while dynamic (and it can be argued that the other player should keep this tactic in mind and do more to avoid it) can be a bit too strong in the final turns when there are not many bodies left to block such plays. The death player felt "dirty" to use the tactic and we made a draw instead. If something like this is making a player feel like it is wrong, maybe it can be looked at. He did not feel as if I simply missed a good tactic, but felt like it was unfair. I would like a ruling on whether adding models to a unit counts as a set up and whether or not they can tag new units into combat. I can see the arguments from both sides.
  13. The 15 brutes is a good idea as well. I don't like the multiple small units of Brutes. I don't think the extra move in the hero phase makes up for not being able to swing all at once in a combat phase. Make sure you put inspiring presence on the Brutes in the first battle round if you do this. Two grot shamans is great.
  14. Another idea would be to take your first list and replace the troll hag with a unit of 10 brutes and a Moonclan Shaman for mystic shield. I like the first list very much.
  15. A battlemage can give +1 to wound as well by taking the spell Wildform.