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  1. I find the percentages used in the AoS combat calculator to be more useful than a straight damage characteristic. What does damage dealt mean here? Average? Expectation? I like to see the curve as well.
  2. Archaon Khorne List

    Still painting. Probably will play in 3 weeks or so. I'm married to the varangaurd and won't play a list without them.
  3. Archaon Khorne List

    You're welcome to post it here! Bouncing the wounds away from archaon is great.
  4. Archaon Khorne List

    I also love the prayer to drag the enemy towards you. Especially against a fast dragon.
  5. Archaon Khorne List

    Take the spears. If you are buffing them to wound and the bloodsecrator they are 2+/2+/-2/2dmg on the charge Which is like 6-13 wounds on a 2+ save. If they have rerolls it's still 6-8 wounds likely. Or 14-21 wounds on a 4+ save. And the once per game double pile in to finish anything off. This can force your opponent to activate to try and kill the varangaurd and you can get a better swing somewhere else on the board.
  6. Archaon Khorne List

    I'm not sold on gore pilgrims. I like a few more bodies on the board. The list would require very positional play and be weak to shooting.
  7. Archaon Khorne List

    Lots of good ideas. This is the gore pilgrims list. It's up to each whether to take healing or bronzed flesh on either priest or split it up like I have here. Allegiance: KhorneLeaders Lord Of Khorne On Juggernaut (140) - Artefact: The Blade of Endless Bloodshed Bloodstoker (80) Bloodsecrator (120) - Artefact: The Crimson Plate Slaughterpriest (100) - Blood Blessing: Bronzed Flesh Slaughterpriest (100) - Blood Blessing: Resanguination Archaon (700) - GeneralBattleline 5 x Blood Warriors (100) - Goreaxes 10 x Bloodreavers (70) - Meatripper Axes 10 x Bloodreavers (70) - Meatripper Axes 3 x Varanguard (300) - Ensorcelled Weapon - Everchosen BattlelineBattalions Gore Pilgrims (180) Total: 1960/ 2000
  8. Archaon Khorne List

    I'm thinking more and more about the slaughterpriest. Blood Blind can help you get the charge. Corral enemies to the mouths of the Varanguard or Archaon's sword.
  9. Archaon Khorne List

    Always spears. Buffed with juggerlord they are ridiculous on the charge. Average 14-21 wounds to a 4+ save on the charge with juggerlord +1 to wound and +1 attack from bloodsecrator.
  10. Archaon Khorne List

    I would totally run this for fun in a friendly game because an all mounted army would be awesome, but it lacks the bloodsecrator, and you only get one artifact, and the battalion only gets one of its abilities, and there's no chaff to protect units. *redacted, my mistake*
  11. GW Quality Control

    It were sigmar himself.
  12. Archaon Khorne List

    I'll proxy this one as well for a few games. What's the range on the prayers? They can heal the Varangaurd as well if one gets knocked down to a wound or two. This is cool, but Varangaurd already re-roll charges, and they are my big hammer. The strat will involve getting a great charge off the varangaurd. But the lord on jugger is essential to my list to buff archaon's slayer of kings. My Archaon's sword is painted glowing brightly to be the centerpiece of the army. If anyone is interested I ran math on Slayer of kings and it's about 35% chance to instakill with +1 to wound if 4/5 attacks hit. At +2 to wound it's about 11/16 to instakill if 4/5 attacks hit.
  13. Archaon Khorne List

    I'm into this one. I wouldn't take the Warshrine, I prefer to put more MSU of bodies out. How's this one go for you?
  14. Archaon Khorne List

    Yeah dude I wish GS was 100 (for my list). But his spell is very strong as is. I was also thinking the deathbringer is a liability and may never even get his ability off. I don't like to have to rely on such short ranges as well. I'll look into blood warriors. I've got lots of essays to finish tonight, but I'll write some new lists when I'm done. Thanks for the feedback.
  15. Archaon Khorne List

    The sorcerer lord is the hard decision. Not sure if he or blood tithe is better. I'd probably take the gaunt summoner as well if going GA chaos. I'll try with some proxies and if archaon is dying all the time it may mean sorcerer lord is the way to go.