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  1. Yes.
  2. I ran Grimgor in a casual game and used da immortulz on a unit of ardboyz and it seemed like a fair and fun ability. It is nice to have the option for another kind of Ironjawz list.
  3. I use Warhammer townscape buildings printed on heavy yardstick and assembled in a few afternoons. You can see we use felt to indicate what counts as cover. The proximity of the buildings must be managed when setting up the table to create areas that tough to get into and areas that larger skirmishes can occur to make it strategically dynamic when deciding where to fight. I will get some blue to add for ponds and be happy with our board. I like the minimalism on the terrain that is achieved with our table and the functionality of felt for cover saves. Plenty of LOS blocking buildings. The aesthetic of our table lets the imagination do the work.
  4. The secret of the Slann has been revealed.
  5. It's a great deal. I use the liberators, retributor, dracoth, and relictor in my list. You must convert 2 of the liberators to grand hammers however. And it doesn't include starsoul maces for the paladin's. Boxes of prosecutor come with an extra shield which you can put on the dracoth. Also note the warscroll in the book in the starter set is easy mode and incomplete. Throw that thing away.
  6. You pay for the battalion. You have to keep the leader close. They only have one sound. They are slow. They have no ward save. Rend -2 shreds them in a single combat round. Given these reasons it's dynamic and fair. If anything they are too expensive at 100 points for 5. Also summoning costs points. If you are playing narrative and allowing free summoning , there's nothing to complain about because it's narratively making sense. Your opponent summoning a dread saurian every turn would maybe warrant a "wtf", but saurus guard don't.
  7. The Slann gives save re-rolls in the shooting phase. Could be something there if Seraphon points get reduced in GHB2. Seraphon suffer from expensive heroes and battalions at the moment. (A spell lore would be nice but unlikely)
  8. Ironfist and RD together is like playing bloodbowl. You pick carefully in what order to do things so you don't mess up your plans with a bad roll. Same thing with Scions of the Storm for Stormcast. Pick the order carefully or you might have a unit that's caught out.
  9. Also note that sometimes in the interest of speed with the Ironfist battalion and the Rampaging Destroyers move I will announce that I am taking both moves together with intention to move straight forward in one direction and haven't had a problem. Also you can move up the first rank of a unit and pull the next rank up at the end to increase the speed of moving.
  10. A carnosaur or dread saurian could wreck the whole unit!
  11. The command abilities that I value with seraphon are: Old blood on carnosaur (for turning himself and saurus heroes with relic blades into killing machines. ) Slaan (for mobility and anti-shooting) Maybe lord kroak (too random but can still affect the priority rolls. This can stack with the star seer ability) I don't think anything else is worth taking for command ability.
  12. I've got a similar list that does very well. You can swap the colossal squig out for more heroes or arrowboyz or brutes as you see fit. Allegiance: DestructionLeadersOrruk Warboss On Wyvern (240)- Artefact: Talisman of ProtectionMoonclan Grot Shaman (60)Frostlord on Stonehorn (460)- Artefact: Battle BrewSavage Big Boss (100)- General- Granite Choppas - Trait: Bellowing TyrantBattleline10 x Savage Orruks (100)10 x Savage Orruks (100)10 x Savage Orruks (100)Units5 x Orruk Brutes (180) 30 x Savage Orruk Arrowboys (300) BehemothsColossal Squig (300)BattalionsKunnin' Rukk (60)Total: 2000/2000
  13. You don't need to kill it to win the game.
  14. On the internet hyperbole is a problem. In undergrad I studied philosophy. The most important thing I learned is that philosophers and scientists never make declarations unless they have been thought about for years and years. When working through their initial reactions to something new, they use phrases like "I'm inclined to think" or "It seems troublesome" or "It may be important to note". They don't want to look foolish by making conclusions that are not thought out or in disciplines they don't understand. (I don't play the Najdorf in chess regardless of my expert rating and if I did I would look like a novice as I don't understand a single thing about the opening!) This could do a lot for the community. This of course doesn't mean don't get excited. We are still bashing in the skulls of 'umies with choppas and hackas after all and the game should indeed be exciting. I also like using the phrase "good matchup" and explaining what that means. You are favored to win, you have a slight advantage, or an easier game, you will win more matches than you lose. This doesn't mean that balance is broken or there are major problems and shouldn't be taken as such. This goes back to avoiding hyperbole.
  15. Looks great. Get a pot of stormhost silver and some technical gem paints to break up the colors and it will be complete.