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  1. I would take out the kunnin rukk (leave 3 units of savages for battleline) and add another boar boy maniak unit, then add 2 grot shamans. You can mystic shield gordrakk or a unit that is going for objectives.
  2. I could use a hammer arm for a model that broke if you can spare it.
  3. Also you have to put the units in the right spot to utilize the Azyros. This is important to note. You don't get free range across the board at all times. You still make decisions. You still pick where to go and what to fight and what to defend and what to risk. It's not an auto win. The game is still dynamic with this battalion on the board. It's not boring or mean or spammy. It is in fact quite dynamic and emblematic of the games interesting armies. Deploying straight into combat is simply a tactical idea, the same as any other ability in Sigmar. It can give you an advantage if you play smart and pay attention, but to do so requires a player to leverage the imbalances and push for an advantage. If we entertain an examination of this particular idea more closely, Nico has provided one above, we can see that it is not always even ideal to deploy in contact. When you put a unit in a spot, you create space elsewhere for opponent's models. This is an exploitable imbalance considering the battalion only carries around 50 bodies. So long as an army demands these things from the player it's not an issue. It is fun and requires focus and tactical and strategic foresight to play this list. I would urge you to more thoroughly consider whether things like this are worth taking issue with before posting declarative threads. It will be better for the community to make a thread that instead focuses on discussing the advantages and disadvantages of a given army. The worry about netlisting is invalid. A large range of armies are present at tournaments as a quick glance at the recent podiums in UK will show.
  4. Note the beard
  5. Look at Mitzy's thread and watch how he brings them to life with only a few brush strokes. Look at the beards of the pigs in particular. You can see by utilizing a good palette and focused variation of colors you can imply that there is more detail than there is. By coloring a few strands of the beards with different shades of blue he brings out much depth. Painting is impressionistic and there is no need to overwork yourself. Unfortunately as with most things you don't know that you have overworked yourself until it is done. Good judgement comes from experience which comes from bad judgement.
  6. For aesthetic reasons? Gameplay wise command models count as having the same load out as the rest of the unit.
  7. I think there will be a battletome Grots that includes 3 Grot factions. Fanatics are still good. Units that act out of phase or interrupt plans are strong. The mind game of not knowing where the Grots are hiding is solid thematicly for the Grots.
  8. Note that some discussion in that thread revolves around a battalion that is no longer legal to field in match play.
  9. Feel free to laugh or run in fear from the Balefist Gorewind. (edit: maybe Balewind Goretex is better) (edit: Failwind Goretex) I'll let you know how it goes. And cut off from the bottom of the picture is Balewind Vortex.
  10. I have both (painting at the moment). I'll start a thread and post a picture after christmas. I built my own banner using a tomato paste metal tube. I'll still play casually with the hundred point batallion to get the Gordrakk ability. 350 attacks 4/4/-1.
  11. Also my greenskinz list doesn't work anymore. Wasted money (for now, and probably a while, if they ever get a battletome). I'll have to proxy them as Savage Orruks.
  12. Will Nico's Nasties appear again after the nerf? I think that fanatics and nasties are both still strong.
  13. I always find it valuable to compare games. It helps to enhance understanding of the game system and what makes it tick. Comparative analysis is a strong and respected methodology. We can earn knowledge and insights.
  14. Power Metal is a perfect analogy for sigmar fluff. Game wise Sigmar feels to me like a MOBA in the following ways: Control space, position well, have a reason to fight, each unit has a unique ability, dynamic interaction of units. Sigmar is a battle game that has in my opinion ( based on my limited experience of tactical wargames, all of which is with cardboard GMT games and not miniatures) very little resemblance to a military game. It is a totally different breed of game than WHFB or KoW and requires a totally different approach to play. The strategies and tactics necessary to succeed are different and interesting by their own merits. I think that looking at the silarities between Sigmar and MOBAs would be a good discussion that could net some insight to the game and it's qualities and improve a player's skill by applying thematic ideas and strategic lessons from MOBAs (I'm sure there's extensive writing and video content available). The fluff and minis enhance the gameplay to create a strong cohesive game experience. Form reflecting content. Mechanics reflecting theme.
  15. I bought some ebay orcs at a screaming deal and am looking to do this list 5 attacks on each of the orruks if you pop both the gordrakk and battalion abilities. d6 move in the hero phase, d6 run. The idea would be that if your opponent let's one unit of orruks get out of hand they can be in trouble. But only one wound per model is scary.