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About this blog

A hobby blog if my current AOS project, death of the realms, which consists of me trying to make small Grand Alliance Death from each of the mortal realms, who all work for nagash, knowingly or not.

Entries in this blog


Starving Shadows

In the realm of shadows there are many myths relating the the "starving shadows'. Here is acollection of sone of the more common. The Laughing man (cairn wraith) Believed by many to be a leader of sorts the laughing man is spoken of in hushed tones, with many believing that even mentioning his name will summon him.   Those who have been unfortunate enough to encounter him speak of his mirthless laugh, as he goes about his grim buisness of collecting more fuel to create shadows to join him in his joy. Oddly he always leaves some survivors  to spread his name.




Dr Nicklesteins Lab

The first force I've begun was Dr Nicklestein and his experiments in the realm of metal. Dr Nicklestein was a good, if eccentric, Doctor living near the city of Havenbrook. One day his wife took ill with with a wasting disease, in his frantic attempts to cure her he slowly descended into madness, his experiments becoming more deranged in his desperation to save her. It was all for naught as his wife died in his arms.  Loseing her destroyed what little sanity he had left and he began practicing necromancy alongside his "science".  He now seeks more "material" to continue his experiments and bring his beloved back to life. But the people of havenbrook are beginning to notice..



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