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About this blog

The Journey of an old gamer getting back to High fantasy and his armies in the Age of Sigmar.

Entries in this blog


I am kinda pumped about the new Skirmish book coming out. I have always loved small scale skirmish stuff and this fits my needs to a T. I think this will give me a chance also to dip my toe in the water with some factions I have yet to play and not spend a ton of money before hand. I really like the new battle mat that is being released with this stuff and can't wait to get my hands on the new book. I am hoping to generate some interest in AOS with these small skirmish games. What do you all think? What ideas do you have for Skirmish?

Here is a prototype that I finished. Thanks to Kieran Robinson for the inspiration. I have never been a fan of the red and gold trimmed Armour and thought the design was a little over the top. This color scheme brings that down to earth a bit. This was also my first time using Blood for the Blood God. I think this scheme will be solely for my blood warriors. What do you guys and gals think of it?

BWarrior 1.jpg


I am not one to have the same exact color scheme on all of my miniatures. Since my Khorne  army will be close to 100 miniatures when completed I wanted a subtle change from unit to unit. I myself feel that the armor on the Blood Warriors is a little over the top for me. Kieran Robinson has inspired me to try this color scheme. I am really looking forward to trying this. What do you think?

Grey Khorne.jpg


Been spending quite a bit of time with my nose in the Blades of Khorne book. The more I read it the more I like the idea of Khorne deamons list. Now I have always been a Bloodbound guy but there lack of heavy hitters becomes and issue right off. Blood Thirsters and Hell Cannons with Bloodletters seems like fast fun. Anyone else building 1000 or 2000 point lists around the Deamons? would love to see your list and hear your thoughts on the Deamons of Khorne.



Why is it??

Why is it I always finding myself wanting to build models when I am painting them? Why is it that when I am painting  such cool models I want to be building more? Seems this cycle never ends for me. Part of the reason is never being able to give as much time to the hobby as I would like to. Life certainly gets in the way and of course I have to work to earn money to buy new toy soldiers. 

Now I have never been much of a 40K guy in the last 10-15 years, but I was a huge Necromunda guy in it's day. Now GW is coming out with Shadow War Armageddon this week and I am totally stoked about this game! I went out and bought a box of Genestealer Cults Neophyte Hybrids as now I have a great excuse to run Genestealers one of my favorite factions to 40K back in the day. Naturally I want to continue my work on my Age of Sigmar projects which is the distraction. Any every take a hobby vacation before? Where you take a vacation and lock yourself in your man cave and just jam on building cool models and painting and listening to awesome music or watching your favorite movies or netflix shows? This is my dream...


Yesterday I started to assemble my box set of Tzaangors. This 10 model kit is really something. Every part is interchangeable. It is fairly easy to build your great weapon builds, your mutants, your twistbrays with great weapons. Different heads, tentacles, arm poses all come together. If you read my earlier blog entries you will see what a mixed unit weapons wise this unit will be and mine unit will be 30.  Can't wait to put them all together! This unit is going to be sick!



Here in the Mitten (Michigan) there aren't a ton of people playing Age of Sigmar. I have been wracking my brain on what is a good way to approach this challenge. We have 3 gaming stores within less then 30 minutes of each other. I have started a group page on FaceBook, what am I missing? Demo games? My best friend is taking a second look at AOS as we both started playing when it first came out and had balance issues and need fine tuning. I am hoping he gives it a second chance as the game is so much better now. 


Just assembled this unit of Pink Horrors. I have been running back and forth in my head which might be better Tar pit unit to use. The thought process would be to use the Pinks to their full potential, Meaning 140 Points for the 10 man unit, 100 points for 20 Blue Horrors and 80 for 20 Brimestones for a total of 320 for the whole shebang. Getting this nasty little buggers out of there would take many turns. Now these guys aren't the most offensive of weapons but they can get in the way.

Then their is my unit of 30 Tzaangors at 540 Points. Multi wound models that can fight very well and with a Shaman can even come back.

Is the Daemons a better value?



So I have been giving a lot of thought to the guts of my Disciples of Tzeentch army. I am going to start by using Tzaangors for this.

Unit of 30- 540 points.

Tzaangor Shaman-120 points.

1- Twistbray with Shield Thinking about giving him a great blade.

1- Icon bearer

1- Brayhorn with Shield

6- Muntants paired savage blades.

12- Great blades

9- Savage blade/ Arcanite shield.

Would you change anything on this make up?


The Story so far..

Greetings all. First time blogger here. Been doing minis since the 70's. Then last year was very exited about AOS. I am a servant of Chaos and the gods I pray to are Khorne, and Tzeentch. I also have a good start on a Slave to Darkness army that will all have the Mark of Tzeentch. Currently I am building a very heavy Tzaangor list and here is my first pic. Going to be sharing my thoughts on this army construction all the way to 2000 points.