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  1. There are a lot of people that use this site, and the majority of those people bring in and offer excellent insight into tactics, list building, lore, strategies, and everything else under the sun. I personally get good value from what I read (I’m mostly a lurker), *when I can find it*. But, for the love of god, we need faction-specific subsections within each grand alliance parent section. I recently started collecting Slaanesh after the new release. TGA is one of the first places I normally go to start learning about armies. But slogging through the first Slaanesh thread of 97 pages, and then the second thread, currently 20 pages, is an absolute turnoff from this site. Theres so much good conversation in these threads, but they’re impossible to follow or quickly find specific topics of conversation. Despite the wealth of knowledge all your members have, I’m inclined to use other sites simply because they’re far easier to navigate and organize specific conversations. My suggestion is this: under each Grand Alliance, you have sections specifically for each faction, along with a Grand Alliance General section when non-specific faction stuff can continue to live Chaos > Slaanesh > threads Chaos > Khorne > threads Chaos > General > threads This allows users to have more focused, clearer conversations that are far easier to find, read, and contribute to.
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