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  1. Yeah, I agree. I literally only put in an entry to 'get the ball rolling' as it were - I wanted to see people with real talent suggest something :P.
  2. Thanks! And I agree - there are balancing issues everywhere :P. With Grishnak I was aiming for a very glass cannon approach - sort of an alpha strike. The general idea of the warband is that the slaves either hold objectives or tie down/slow down the enemy, Grishnak is sacrificed early on to try and get the chaos dwarves inspired and then the chaos dwarves deal out the hurt when they finally waddle over. I look forward to seeing your grot warband! Do better than me :P!
  3. I admit I was more or less going to do the same as you, because I am terrible at game design (I made an entry anyway, that's beside the point). That said, I love the idea of Tzeentch Arcanites and their inspiration trigger. That would make for a really interesting warband - more of a ploy driven warband which is super fitting. Incidentally I actually personally use Kairic Acolytes as proxies for Garrek's Reavers in friendly games (and Blightkings as proxies for Stormcast).
  4. Well, I felt bad that there wasn't any entries yet so I thought I would put my (big) hat into the ring. I've always loved the Chaos Dwarves and I would love to see them make an appearance in Shadespire. So here is my attempt at putting together a warband - however, it should be noted that it is likely very much unbalanced and needs a lot of work/testing/etc. Chaos Dwarf art shamelessly stolen from chaos-dwarfs.com (Artists: Kubasa, Igorvet) The Azgorh Slavetakers The Azgorh Slavetakers are the remains of a failed exploratory and slave-taking mission of the Legion of Azgorh sent to Shadespire to exploit the chaos inflicted by Nagash's curse. However, when the force found it's way to Shadespire, it found the city embroiled in an endless cycle of conflict and rebirth. The majority of the force simply left, but a small contingent sent to scout the ruins was trapped within and is making the best of the situation by collecting slaves and unlocking the secrets of shadeglass. Slavemaster Izekar Yashzhakh the Dreadchanter Grishnak Backstabber Slaves (x3) - Couldn't think of unique names of pictures for these guys Ploy (kind of uncomfortable with this plot) Upgrade Objective
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