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  1. What is this backpack boi? Where did he come from? And are there AoS rules for him?
  2. Flammen

    What are these

    I've been given two GW models, but I'm not really sure what they are or what use they will be in AoS... Anybody?
  3. Flammen

    A few questions

    I have a few questions as I build my army: 1- I have this old wizard model.. I'm thinking I wanna give him purple robes. But, in official games and tournaments and stuff, can I use him as any one of the several different orders of wizards (jade, bright, gray, etc), or does a wizard painted a certain color always have to be played as the associated wizard type? 2-If I do have to choose, which wizard type would best accompany a Fyreslayer army and/or give the most grief to my roommate's Stormcast Eternal army? 3- Can an Auric Runeson on Magmadroth equipped with the wyrmslayer javelins use both a javelin and a throwing axe in the same shooting phase? I'm sure I'll have more questions moving forward, so I'll just keep them all in this thread Thanks, and enjoy this progress update on my army painting efforts: https://imgur.com/gallery/M06Xr
  4. I have a question: If I build the Auric Runeson with Magmadroth and choose to give him the wyrmslayer javelins, can he also be given throwing axes like all the other fyreslayers? And if so, can he throw both a javelin and a throwing axe in in the same turn? Thx
  5. Flammen

    Mixed kit in units

    Hey I have a few questions: 1- can a unit (of Vulkite berserkers or anything else) have different kinds of equipment from one model to the next? Like, I have 10 right now that have the warpicks and shields. If I build the next 10 with twin axes, can they group together to get the defensive bonus they get in large groups? And if they can group, how would that work in the rules? Like, if the shields provide a defense bonus (and I'm not 100 percent sure that they do), how would you decide if the enemy is targeting a model with a shield or one without one? 2- what are the defensive bonuses (if any) that the shields give Vulkite berserkers?