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  1. I've posted this publicly on their pages, on twitter, on Instagram, and will also be emailing it to Games Workshop's investor relations and customer service emails. I invite you to join me in demanding GW do more. If you want to steal any or all of the letter I have written, feel free.


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  2. 44 minutes ago, King Taloren said:

    Anyway now that it is not unsavable I wonder how that interacts with Morathi since before she couldn’t save against it and took all 8 mortals.

    It wasn't Mortal Wounds before. It was just wounds that could not be prevented by any means. Now it is mortal wounds, so Morathi can only take 3 per turn.

  3. 1 hour ago, Austin said:

    16 mortal wounds on a 6. Hmm. That’s quite a design choice. 


    1 hour ago, Mutton said:

    It certainly is a choice.

    It's to mitigate the fact that Total Carnage is no longer unsavable in any way and now just does mortal wounds. I think it's a good change overall. 

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  4. Theory: The Ruination Chamber will be made up of all the Stormcasts who have been reborn so many times they have lost all humanity but gained strange abilities and are now essentially little more than daemons of lightning and order. Dangerous and unstable but powerful.

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  5. 1 minute ago, Euphanism said:

    1. I want to totally steal this and run it with our gaming group.

    2. As a designer, the fact that your PSD has properly labeled and folder-ed layers is almost better than the rules.

    Hahaha! You can thank my partner, who happens to be a graphic designer. If it wasn't for her influence it would be a complete mess of unlabeled mishmash in any order they were randomly created in. I'm sure she'd still have approximately 7000 notes on how I could better achieve what I'd set out to do and how to better organize it.

    And if you do run your own Battle for the Christmas Ham, take pics and share them! I'd love for the tradition to spread!

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  6. 13 minutes ago, DINOSTAR said:

    These realm rules are excellent!  How many years has this been running?  I've been thinking of how to run fun tournaments in my own place and this is a great idea starter!

    So the tradition was actually started by one of our members, Johnny, and his buddy Casey in Texas when they were growing up. When Johnny moved to the Bay he turned it into a tournament to keep the tradition alive. This is probably the 6th or so Ham we've done, but it was on hiatus for 3 years.

  7. So my club in the SF Bay Area has a tradition of an invite-only mini-tournament called The Battle for the Christmas Ham. It's a 3 game, booze soaked, gift giving tournament, traditionally with silly rules and low levels of play. The Overall Award is an actual Christmas Ham. This will be the first year of reviving the tradition since AoS dropped, as our club was hit pretty hard by the death of 8th and it's taken us some time to rebuild. Anyway, the tournament will be taking place in The Realm of Christmas, so I figured I'd share the backstory and realm rules, in case anyone else wanted to play some games in Solstyr!

    Note: I'm not looking for notes or critiques. I realize the rules are inherently unbalanced. That's the point!



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  8. 5 hours ago, Marc Wilson said:

    I don't get this hygiene thing - I must have played 200 different people in the UK and never found anyone who came across as needing a bath. My pet peeve is people over-shaking dice by 2 seconds or more - throw the f**king dice!

    There is a prominent person in the US gaming scene who I will not name who CONSISTENTLY smells absolutely terrible. Like, overwhelming from across the table bad. Having talked to some of his closer friends, it has been brought up. I don't know if he just doesn't care or has some type of moral opposition to deodorant, but it does happen.

  9. On 9/10/2018 at 6:00 AM, sal4m4nd3r said:

    Hey there! Thanks for the kind words ^_^ I spent quite a lot of time reconverting Glottkin for this event in particular. Added a citadel tree growing out of the top of him, and another large branch growing off the side for his brother to stand on. Also kitbashed/converted a nurgle chaos Warshine to match my army using a corpse cart, epidemius and citadel trees kits. Went for a vibe like..a travelling compost/mulch salesman using dead bodies as the compost...with trees and mushrooms sprouting from it. 

     As for the list, yeah I was bummed PTWB got removed, but it was kind of broken. Ran a blight cyst and stacked a couple "feel no pain" abilities (harbinger and warshrine) for max durability.  Here are some pictures. I didnt think I deserved a perfect paint score. And I genuinely feel bad for the peeps who didnt score that maybe should have. I had my army scored personally by Pete Foley. 

    Sorry for the poor picture quality. My phone has brain damage.  https://imgur.com/a/6fF4zJN some close-ups of some of the blightkings for those interested.  Same as when you saw them, @SlaaneshCultist:D 



    board 3.png


    Love the tree on Glottkin, looks great!

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  10. Like all new factions, they're gonna lean heavily into the epic high fantasy thing, and they're gonna release at least one large centerpiece model, probably multiple. I'd love to see giant fungal trolls in the faction. Trolls have always been tied pretty close to goblins. 

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  11. 1 hour ago, Sleboda said:

    I've used Scrollbuilder. It's a lovely program and it's designer is to be commended.

    That said, I don't entirely trust it as The Final Source. Plus, I vastly prefer using books, and when the rules are spread over several books, not to mention FAQ docs, it gets tough.  I'm always left feeling like I've missed an update, made an error, or overlooked an option.

    Tony is a buddy of mine, and spends a ridiculous amount of time updating and maintaining scrollbuilder. There's a group of about 15 of us with a wide range of armies who are friends of his, play with him regularly, use it consistently, and point out any errors we notice, so it stays pretty error free. That being said, if anyone sees any mistakes or issues at any point feel free to send it to me and I'll pass it along. Tony is also active on twitter, so you can reach him there.

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  12. 2 hours ago, Roark said:

    @SlaaneshCultist Hey mate, are those your Skullcrushers? They're sick! Do you have a plog?

    I do not. Thanks though! I currently live in a one bedroom apartment with two cats, so taking pictures of my minis is... difficult to say the least. Hopefully within the next year I will own a house and have a gaming room where the cats aren't allowed, and the cat hair is cut down by like 82% (because let's be honest here, it'll never be fully cut out).  At which point expect me to show of my painting skillz.

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  13. 3 hours ago, gmulroney said:

    Congrats. I was thinking of going to Nashcon this year, but my budget is quite tight this year. Next year, I’m hoping to travel a lot more, probably to the Midwest more than the west since it’s a lot closer. Are you going to LVO?

    Hey Garret. I will have just moved to Minneapolis (moving the week between Xmas and NY) so I don't think I'll be able to swing LVO this year. If I do anything about that time it'll probably be Paca, since it's drivable. Unfortunately I won't really know what my time looks like until I'm out there, which means Paca will likely already be sold out.

  14. 43 minutes ago, Ar-Pharazôn said:

    I'd love for a decent sized tournament like that to be in my state. 

    I feel like there's a decent sized tournament in most states at this point, though it may take a bit of traveling to get there. If not, why not try running one!

    That being said, in the last year I've probably flown 7000+ miles to go to various tournaments, so I may be a bit biased on what "a bit of travel" might be.

  15. 13 minutes ago, blueshirtman said:

    Nice, destruction made it almost to top8. I wonder what list he  run.

    From the pictures looks like there was some nice terrain too. Is the gryph astrolabium self made or did GW make them at some time, because it looks awesome?

    I could be wrong on this, but I believe that his two lists were a Bonesplitterz list with Kunning Rukk, and a snowball throwing beastclaw list.

    The terrain on that particular table is actually among the worst of any of the tables, and it's solid. Everything on it is official GW models, but there were a bunch of other tables with awesome 3D printed pieces. The coolest was a coastal table with a giant (like probably close to 2' tall) lighthouse on it.

  16. 13 minutes ago, sal4m4nd3r said:

    This is probably awkward and weird AF... but thats never stopped me before! If the sole barrier for you doing NOVA is budget, your welcome to stay at my house in my guest room. I live 10 minutes from the convention center in Alexandria. House hunting is extremely hectic and pounds your schedule in the face. So I get there may be other issues. 

    That's super generous Mathew! Thanks! But the bigger issue would be flight as well as the booze/food while I'm there. You'll be seeing some more of me in the mid west/east coast next year hopefully, after we move. Until then my last tournament of the year will be SoCal Open in San Diego I think.

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  17. 9 minutes ago, Soldier of decay said:

    It was me you played round 4. Glad to see you took home the sportsmanship award. You took my vote for favorite openent. It was really fun playing against you. And had I known how the scoring worked there I would have given you the major ( since I did forget my own abilities and you kindly let me go back) seeing as I was going to drop tables either way. I had no idea how heavily weighted schemes were. I though undefeated put me at table 1. Oh well now I know. And congrats on you award again. Can’t wait till our next matchup.

    No worries Trey! Yeah, 9 points a scheme is a big deal, which is why I placed so high even with a loss. Means 40% of the max points comes from schemes.

    Appreciate the vote for best opponent, although it was Best Chaos not Best Sports that I won. Got a nice dagger out of it! I think the Best Sports award was the Kukri.

  18. 3 hours ago, MrZakalwe said:

    More Stormcast than the rest of ORDER put together - shock twist - It's a shame so much of the AoS model range is hidden behind keyword barriers. 


    Good showing taking second in that field! 


    And that's a bit hyperbolic there. I count 5 Stormcast and 8 other Order lists. Which seems about right, given the poster boy nature of Stormcast. 

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