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  1. So I've finally taken the plunge and committed to an army. Slaves to Darkness, naturally. I've played a few games using warriors, knights and some chosen that I aquired a few years ago. Of course I decided to expand my force and bought a pile of plastic crack, I just picked models that I liked the look of. Having very little understanding of the synergies with this faction or potentially competitive builds, I throw myself and my mound of expensive plastic at the feet of those who already walk the Path of Chaos, in hope that I may learn something and build an interesting list. My only request is that the warriors have halbreds and shields as I went to great lengths to get enough for 20 warrior. HERE IS WHAT I HAVE Currently I have; 1 built chaos lord 1 unbuilt mounted lord 1 unbuild chaos lord/sorcerer on manticore 10 built chaos knights 10 unbuild chaos marauder horsemen 2 unbuilt chariots/gorebeast chariots 15 built chaos warriors with hand weapons and shields 12 unbuilt warriors 20 built 'marauders' (blood reaver models with shields) 10 built chosen 10 chaos hounds 1 warshrine 1 vortex beast Any and all suggestions welcome, thanks in advance
  2. Im northside as well! Where do you ua usually game?
  3. Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to AoS and have only played a few games against poorly painted stormcast with slaves to darkness. Looking forward to writing WAACFGT lists and making new friends :).
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