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  1. Thanks alot for the list I may change a few thing because i dont have the money to buy it all right away but all around I like it and you where right with the My army can't really get objectives because i played a few test games with 1000 points and i stuggled geting objectives.
  2. I will definitly drop one unit of longbeards to warriors for grim but i think in GHB1 it would be worlth it to keep 3 runelords for the fact that I can have both my thunderers and my crossbows having -2 rend but in GHB2 if they make it so it can't stack then i will drop down to 2 for the belgar
  3. So if I drop an engineer, a runelord and make two of my units of longbeards into Warriors then that would give me enough space to use grim and ironhammer would that be a good choice?
  4. Thanks for the help, I like the idea of the celestial huricanum but I think it's not gonna be as good when in the next generals handbook (when I'm most likely finish the army) and i have thunderers and not enough money to by more quarrellers so I probably won't put them in in the near future but always thanks for the suggestion
  5. Hey everyone wondering if I could get a little help with my dispossesd shooting army Here's the list Dwarf engineer (80) Runelord general (80) Runelord (80) Runelord (80) 30x thunderers (360) 30x quarrellers (360) 10xlongbeards (140) 10xlongbeards (140) 10xlongbeards (140) Cannon (180) Cannon (180) Cannon (180) 2000/2000 Or Engineer (80) 2xRunelord (1 of them is general) (160) 30xthunderers (360) 30xquarrellers (360) 10xlongbeards (140) 20xSaurus (200) 20xskinks (160) 3xCannon (540) 2000/2000 All Battline is there for bubble wrapping the shooting and because I need it but I don't know if I should use Seraphon because Suarus ignore rend and skinks are more shooting. But I don't know if I should just go with the three units of longbeards. Any suggestions for Battline or anything else you think the lists need
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