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  1. Okay, I'm not sure I understand this. If I understand it correctly, what they mean is that I can pay 60 more points for a Mighty Lord of Khorne and make him Korghos Khul and have Aqshy's Bane. So that I can have that ability without having to use an entire Goretide. But if I want the Goretide I don't have to spend 60 points additionally for Korghos and let my Goretide be led by a Mighty Lord of Khorne with Aqshy's Bane granted by the warscroll battalion?
  2. So, do you need Korghos or do you not need him?
  3. No, the warscroll states you need a mighty Lord of Khorne. Not specifically Khul. And he gains the 8" pile in ability then.
  4. Ok. I think you might have a point with Skarbrand being the primary source of murder against beefy targets. However, I don't know which artifacts would work. I thought of Violent Urgency on the general so that I can re-roll failed charge rolls and get to the melee quicker. Regarding artifacts I thought about giving the spectators and the Mighty Lord the Crimson Plate. I considered taking the Blood Forged Armour but I think the Crimson plate will be a bit better since all 3 of the heroes have 3+ save.
  5. With Chaos allegiance I already have access to 1 guaranteed + 1/battalion artifacts, and I really want the Chaos talismans on Mighty Lord and on both Bloodsecrators. How would Khorne allegiance enable me to use 5? Also even if it enabled me another 2 artifacts I've got 4 heroes and Skarbrand. Skarbrand can't use artifacts ? Thats why I chose Warp Lightning Cannon. Statistically I get 1 guaranteed mortal wound no matter what. Because even if I roll a 6 on the cannon's power roll out of 6 dice for wounds 1 should be a 6. Also the cannon deals Mortal Wounds. Skull cannon is good but if I try hitting a 2+ rerollable save target it won't do much. It is better against units of many small models in my opinion though. Anyways that's what I've thought. Looking forward to hearing more feedback. Thanks a lot!
  6. Hi. I'm trying to get a competitive list of chaos based on khorne bloodbound going and I'm wondering about which battalions to choose. My idea atm is to get Skarbrand for kill potential and badassness, 2x warp lightning cannons to get some ranged damage and the Goretide battalion. The list would look like this: Leaders Skarbrand 400 Mighty Lord of Khorne 140 Bloodsecrator 120 Bloodsecrator 120 Exalted Deathbringer with Spear 80 Battleline Blood Warriors x5 100 Blood Warriors x5 100 Blood Warriors x5 100 Blood Reavers x10 70 Artillery Warp Lightning Cannon 180 Warp Lightning Cannon 180 Other Skullreapers x5 140 Skullreapers x5 140 Warscroll Battalion Slaughterborn 80 Goretide 40 The idea behind it is that the list is mobile thanks to Goretide, as everything except Skarbrand and Cannons can move for d6 in hero phase. Also everything from Slaughterborn can charge in hp while they are within 12" of the general. So the army should be quick to spill some blood. I also took reavers to have some bodies for scoring points or screening. What are your thoughts?
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