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  1. 13 hours ago, alastair said:

    Is a Lord of Chaos any good? I like the idea of him becoming a daemon prince, he'll at least make 2 blood tithes if he dies twice. He just seems expensive?

    I have had some use from him in a pick-up game, the fact he re-rolls to hit of 1 is very useful and beeing able to put it on other units is useful. That said it is limmited to a Slaves unit, but some of the best units in my list have that keyword. 

  2. I just want to say this. 

    There is more to AOS that comp play. 

    And outside of Comp Play Blades of Khorne remain in my book one of the best armys for fun games. 

    They are for better or worse, much like the Orks in 40k. (though with new codex for first time in long time thats not quite true, anyway)

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  3. Good Evening all!

    Its been an age since I posted to this forum but I thought I would just chime in with my thoughts on Mortal Khorne in AOS 2.0. 

    I have been having great success, but I do rely on alot of Slaves to Darkness Units... 


    This is the list. 

    BloodSecrator, (Gryh-Feather Charm)

    SlaughterPriest x2 (One with+1 to hit, one with +1 Save) 

    Exalted DeathBringer

    Asspring DeathBringer

    Deamon Prince (Immense Power, Axe-Anrahirs Claw) 

    10X blood Warriors

    10x Blood Reavers

    20x Chaos Warriors Halbards

    40x Marauders 

    Soul Grinder 


    Gore Pilgrims 


    So the Warriors sit in a wall protecting the Priests and the Separator. 

    The Aim of the list is not to take out the big monsters but secure objects. I have alot of tools and although I have no set plan for how buffs are dropped I have enough targets to make different parts of the army extra killy. 

    The trick I have found is that to use blood tith to react to the battle. My only set plan is I aim to get 3 blood tithe by turn 2, so I can make a redeployment haveing a Soulgrinder Move twice, or even my Prince Fly 24.. changes the shape of the battle. So typicaly I push againt the whole table turn 1, and then turn 2 I push into a single point to secure an objective or take out a key part of the opponents force 


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  4. 11 hours ago, HorticulusTGA said:

    But doesn't GW always ever did their world campaign in summer / holiday times ? Malign Portents start in 20 days (even if it can lead to something like this this summer)

    Yes, but it makes sense for them to do it early. 

    The 1st quarter is always a low sales time, a campaing helps the stores.  This leaves the summer open for 40K. 

  5. 8 minutes ago, Ryan Taylor said:

    God I hope not Uveron. We have two SCE starters. A death VS ??? Would be appreciated though.

    Death V Chaos 

    AOS 2.0 (I mean they are changing the image of the logo). 

    But I think its unlikely, but I cannot rule it out in my mind.  


  6. 7 minutes ago, KillagoreFaceslasha said:

    Nah, doubt it.

    Pre-order 9th will be DA (this we know)

    Pre-order 16th will be ETB Nurgle/Primaris

    Pre-order 23th will be ETP Primaris/Nurgle (basically I HIGHLY doubt they will be released together).

    Pre-order 30th will be Orlocks and LC.


    In the case of them merging the ETBs together (which I don't entirely discard, it makes quite a lot of sense to have them together so kids can buy them for christmas) then the most likely chance is that we see the orlocks and the LC be a separate release with Gee-Dubs making a big announcement around the week of the LC's release along the lines of:  we end the year with AoS, we begin it with MOAR AoS!

    Oh Iam not saying it will be anything major. 

    But they will want something for the 'Boxing Day' Sales push... 

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  7. 2 minutes ago, Skarloc said:

    From past years experience, is GW releasing new miniatures/products during the second half of December? If not, when is the next pre-order supposed to take place? 6th January 2018?

    Pre-orders 30th Dec, out 6th Jan is what I expect the next set of releases will be.

    I expect them on the community site 24th/25th of Dec

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  8. They are starting to look Very Cool! 

    I do have one other critical observation. (and this one may be a hard to fix).  A number of the models with 'shoulder pads' have straps modeled showing how it is 'secured' to the torso, Others do not.  You may try and make something that looks like rope with green stuff and use that. But it is the final missing detail. 

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  9. 1 hour ago, Swooper said:

    I've got Mournfang Brown and Dryad Bark not being used for anything else in this scheme. The blue warpaint and autumn bases will tie them nicely together, I think. Not sure whether to mix within units or not, I'll have to think about that...

    Do them in groups of 5. It a good number to batch paint, and by doing them at the same time you keep it consistent. 


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  10. Truth be Told I like them Both! 

    I think the warpaint is a great Idea (I tried to do something with my Bullgores) and I like both the Blue and the Purple.

    If I was you, I would allow for variety within the collection, with matching  bases both these guys could be in the same army (even the same unit). Beast men are not uniformed! Now it may speak that part of the herd comes from different realms as the leader marches on his path to glory. (He is after all a Champion of Chaos) SO maybe it represents places the herd has been on campaign before and the 'locals' that he compelled to join his army. 

    I think a Autumnal base would look great with both these guys,  

    If I had to pick I would go for the lighter grey one. But I feel some more brown tones could be a good idear (Maybe a flesh shade, or Second Earth shade wash on the furs) 

  11. 48 minutes ago, Siorra said:

    As this is a "Rumour Thread" I think a bit of insider info wouldn't go a miss. I know a salesperson who visited the Games Workshop mould shop within the last few months. I know, within a level on certainty, that GW are investing in adding about 50% of the amount of mould machines they're using towards the end of this year / start of next year, which required expanding their entire workshop. These things take time, but it's coming close to completion. If I were a smart man, looking at the timing and supposed "new releases" I keep hearing in here, it's worth a fair guess that they're getting ready to churn out heavy amounts of models, both old and new.

    That fits into the stories that have been told to the USA sales team that the reason there are so many products not available is that the factory upgrades have lowered current capacity!

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