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  1. Hey Ben, here's a modified ETC system with the extra 2 points you wanted adding in. I debated about KP metric for a while as it may encourage certain types of play that are less than ideal. but i think only using it for 2 points out of a possible 20 won't make that much of a difference, whilst still adding a bit more Granularity into the system. KP's are also something that you can "Push or Hold" for at the last minute, i believe that's what the AOS side of team events lacks at the moment, as it just feels like singles games added together. If playing a 6 round event, with 6 person teams, this pack allows all 18 scenarios to be "in play" throughout the event, and the GW secondaries also divide perfectly into a 6 person team! Lists No Duplicate Warscrolls No Duplicate Allegiances Only one army per team can be "from" each realm - So if an army takes Aetherquartz Brooch, no other armies can be from Hysh (Light?) Games 3 scenarios per round, so one pairings round per scenario. 2 (Offical GW) secondaries per player, not hidden. Realms and realmscapes involved, maybe not spells (or maybe 1 spell per game). Scoring Pseudo 20-0 system as follows Major win = 14 Minor win = 12 Draw = 10 Major Loss - 6 Minor Loss - 8 Secondary completed = 1 (x2 available) Secondary prevented = 1 (x2 available) Did you kill 1,000+ KPs = 1 Did you lose less than 1,000 KPs = 1
  2. Announcing Team England AOS 2019 Hi All! It is with great pleasure that i'm announcing the team that will be making the trip over to the ETC in 2019 representing England. This is slightly later than i wanted to announce the team due to me holding back the announcement until i was confident in the selections. The selection committee helped massively throughout the process so a big thanks goes to Chris, Paul, Ady and Nige for their help. Without further ado the team is as follows. Jack Armstrong Russ Veal Tony Moore Les Martin Darren Watson Byron Orde We had the opportunity to select a team that not only fit my mandate of being (in my opinion) the team that will absolutely go out and win the ETC, but also each player on the team has experience in International team events, i believe this experience is invaluable at an event such as the ETC. The team are all extremely flexible players, gentleman on the table and will be amazing ambassadors for the country. There's some real pedigree on the team, and i'm sure you'll get behind the team throughout the year as we attend events and practice with armies that we might take to the ETC! What Next? As mentioned above in my original post, i'm currently being vocal in the discussion around creating the pack for the event and trying to ensure it's the best it can be for years to come. After the ETC, sometime in September 2019, i will be announcing my stepping down as captain for the team and opening up the ballot for anyone in the UK to put their name forward for the job and be voted in by the community. During the handover process we will discuss the team selection method and whether or not the new captain wants to follow the same path. Thanks for reading this Tom
  3. Team England AoS 2019 - Applications are now open! Big thanks to all who have approached me so far asking about how to apply for the team. I'm pleased to announced that applications for Team England AoS are now open! Apply by the following link - https://goo.gl/forms/d1hz6JROLomcas8L2 Applications will stay open for roughly 30 days. I'd encourage anyone who is interested in playing at the ETC to apply. The team is by no means pre-selected and the committee will endeavour to not only select the best team possible, but also provide feedback to unssuccesful applications on things that may improve chances at future selection. Thanks again, and look forward to getting your application. Tom
  4. Team England AoS - ETC 2019 Novi Sad - Mission Statement Hello All! Thanks for stopping by, if you’re here i can only assume you found this because you’re interested in either playing or supporting Team England at the ETC in 2019. This document aims to give a little bit of an insight into what the ETC is, and hopefully answers some questions you may have. What is the ETC (European Team Championship)? Simply put, the ETC is (probably) the largest tabletop wargames tournament in Europe. Teams from across the world, not just Europe (i know, it’s confusing, stick with me!) come together to compete for the right to be the best country at their specific system. The ETC currently includes Warhammer 40,000, The Ninth Age and Flames of War as its main systems. AoS was ran as a side event this year and due to timings with 2nd edition release had a low turnout, which hopefully will be remedied for next year. Please be aware that the ETC and the current running 6 Nations events are seperate, Tony Moore is still the captain for Six Nations. Where and When is the ETC The ETC 2019 will be held in Novi Sad, Serbia. Provisional dates at the moment are August 9th-11th, but the team will be at the venue at least one day earlier to prepare. What makes an AoS Team? Teams of 6 players currently form an AoS Team, although this may be increasing to 8 to match the other systems. Teams include a Captain (that’s me!) and his/her players, and usually a coach to assist with the general goings on during a round. Captains can either be “playing” or “non-playing.” Why are you the Captain? I have volunteered myself as the first England AoS ETC captain for a few reasons listed below. I want to have an active role in building the AoS scene at the ETC, from forming the tournament pack to generally how the AoS event is ran. Currently AoS is a “side-event” at the ETC, and i really want to prove that it can become a main event. I want to set the building blocks in place for future years by establishing parameters for how the team and captain is selected going forwards. This will form a document that will be adhered to in order to maintain transparency and fairness for future years. I have had numerous years ETC experience as a player, a selector and a coach. I know what makes a good team and also how the dynamic differs from a normal event. If the event remains as a 6 player team, i will be taking the role of “Non-Playing Captain.” This is because i want to ensure the best 6 candidates for the team have a chance to go and compete on the table, i do not want people to think i’ve done this to guarantee a spot on the team myself. If the event does increase to 8 players teams, I may put myself forward for selection as normal, but this will not guarantee me a spot on the team as per the next question How will the team be selected? In order to maintain a transparent and fair approach to selecting the team, i will be appointing 4 other members from various parts of the community to form a “Selection Committee.” The SC will review all applicants to the team and vote to determine the best team that could be formed. The SC for this year are as follows; Myself Chris Tomlin Nigel Chorlton Ady McWalter Paul Buckler I’m really grateful to the guys for helping out with the selection, they have a great deal of knowledge about the game, the tournament scene and the players themselves, and i think between the 5 of us we’ll be able to select the team to win the ETC! Please be aware that rankings and tournament results are by no means the only measure that will be used for team selection. The idea is that we send over the strongest team that we can, but each one of you will be an ambassador for your country on and off the table, so conduct at events and other things may also be used to help determine whether or not you make the team. Army flexibility is also a great measuring stick for an ETC player, as you may be required to play an army that you haven’t played with much, if as a team, we decide it is the strongest list we can take. Applications will open up sometime during September, with a view to finalising the team before the end of the year. What will being on the team involve? My aim for the team is to win the ETC, and to do this we will need to be as prepared as we can be. As a player on the team you will be expected to be active in discussions with the team about various things such as army lists, match-up discussions and general AoS discussions. These will take place on a seperate forum solely for the team. The ETC also carries a fairly heavy financial commitment, this could involve buying a new army, but will always include entry to the event, flights to Serbia and hotel costs, as well as spending money for the time away. I normally budget around £1,000 for the event. What is the aim for the team? My aim as captain for Team England 2019 is none other than to win the ETC. But in doing so, maintain an extremely high standard of sportsmanship and enthusiasm for the hobby. We are not win at all costs gamers, and i want to make sure we show that on the big stage! Thanks for taking the time to read this, applications for the team will open up later in the year! If anyone has any questions, please get in touch! Thanks Tom
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