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  1. are iron jawz allowed to take troll hag as an ally?
  2. the mat came out when gw released the skirmish rule set i think its no longer available now and all the places i checked seem to be out of stock. Where in the us do live? I think there is one at a store in los angeles if you are close.
  3. We finished the grots tonight, Think we are done until next weekend any suggestions on what to do next?
  4. Picked up the silver tower box set maybe a year or two ago never did anything with it, me and the wife decided it would be fun to sit down and split the contents of the box and paint it together so this will be a log as we go. We started last night with the 4 blue horrors and then after we finished we moved onto the 2 pink horrors. Next will be the 8 grot scuttlings.
  5. You can go to your local gw and ask for a demo game they should have a stormcast and khorne army ready to go for you
  6. we already have cav toads from forge world
  7. subscribed looking forward to more aos content
  8. Looking for some info on placing wyldwoods, in matched play it is my understanding that with the sylvaneth allegiance the player has the ability to place down a wyldwood during the set up of the game? Does this same ability work in path to glory as well?
  9. I think there are other company's that already do this https://elriks-hobbies.myshopify.com/collections/model-bases/products/base-converters
  10. Sounds like you like beastclaw raiders the best so I would just go with them, as far as not painting good enough I wouldn't worry about that to much just watch some videos on painting them and give it a go.
  11. My wife and i are new to the hobby and looking to play some skirmish games while we build up a force to play larger games. If you are in the el monte, la puente, west covina area we should link up and try to get a few games in.
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