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  1. Built a vanguard chamber for my stormcast, all I need is two of the stormcast sides of blightwar, $160 in total. Lord Aquillor -Mirrorshield -Consumate Defender -Windrider 1x 10 Vanguard Hunters 2x 5 Vanguard Hunters 4xVanguard Palladors 2x Vanguard raptors with crossbows. Depending on how the points work out for Neave Blacktalon, if she's 100 or less, I will make the 10 man vanguard hunter unit a 5 man unit, and add Neave and a branchwych/sorceress as an ally. The plan is to give my opponent first turn if I get the chance to (10 drops is a lot), otherwise just go for the alpha strike, 30" range on the crossbows is huge, and will let me snipe characters, while the aquillor, hunters, and pallaors surround the enemy, pepper them with shots and pen them into their deployment zone. The consumate defender trait gives my army a ton more durability if I need to go first, or if I lose T1 initiative. I like the list with Neave in it more, simply because she can follow the lord aquillor, who moves 7D6, and gives he a 2+ save. She is another hero, along with the branchwych for 3 places of power, and the branchwych is a caster to help unbind here and there, and throw mystic shield on sometime before it goes in, and I already own the model.
  2. Its good to hear that the shard is a strong choice, I have one of him and one mistweaver from Silver Tower just sitting around, and three assassins in the mail! What is the opinion on the corsairs units? Lokir fellheart from the compendium seems pretty strong, just for his command abillity if you have a lot of corsairs, kharibyds' and dark riders.
  3. Hey everyone! Recently took the plunge on a Dark Elf army. I have a lot of stuff, but was wondering the main synergies and strong units. Are there any auto includes? Strong Units? Not strong units? As the title says, lets chat!
  4. Really nice stuff, can't wait to see more!
  5. That is really interesting actually, I've never played against mourn-ghouls, but they generate a crazy amount of buzz in my local area, so this math has really helped me out, thank you!
  6. I see both the start collecting demons of Nurgle, and the 40k SC+chaos index on the website.
  7. I would appreciate the math about the mournghoul if you don't mind, that would be really cool to see I think, and definitely up my understanding of how that grand alliance plays.
  8. That is literally the exact same as my currently sylvaneth list, down to spells and artifacts. Was that used in a large tournament or anything? I feel its a coincidence we came up with the same list off the top of our heads.
  9. Again, the balance depends on the price. Usually you can't get more than two down because of terrain limitations (all off the woods have to be within an inch of each other, and not within an inch of other terrain) if you can get 3 bases down you aren't playing with enough terrain. I usually place two centrally, and then generate one or two more throughout the course of the game. Sylvaneth lists already have low model counts (usually, unless you spam dryads but that's not a good strategy), if I had to pay 20 for a base, I'd be okay with that, one for free and then I'd reserve 40 points to keep my army mobile, but if they were really any bit more and I feel that Sylvaneth would be very difficult to play.
  10. I'm a bit worried about wyldwoods costing points, they are the basis for the sylvaneth, they provide their durability, mobility, and a good amount of all their mortal wound output, if wyldwoods end up costing points, depending on how many points could absolutely ruin Sylvaneth's viability, I would rather there be a set limit of wyldwoods somebody could place for free, IE: keep the free wyldwood at the start of the game, and maybe like 2 more for free.
  11. What was the sylvaneth list? The mention of Allarielle intrigues me, as my TAC sylvaneth list (in a competetive meta) includes Allarielle.
  12. Leaders: Frost Lord on Stonehorn -Pelt of Charangar -The re-roll everwinter command trait. Huskard on Stonehorn -Pelt of Charangar Huskard on Thundertusk Battleline: Mournfang Pack - 2 models Mournfang Pack - 2 models Stonehorn Beastriders Battalions: Eurlbad
  13. Shame its been FAQ'd, but I guess it makes sense. Apologies for my misinformation. I like Stonehorns a lot more than thundertusks, but the huskard's abillity to heal on a thundertusk is useful, and some really good shooting is also always useful
  14. technically, stonehorn beastriders aren't behemoths and don't take up the behemoth limit in matched play if you are Beastclaw raiders, it says they become battleline, not 'behemoth, battleline'
  15. I love my Kurnoth Hunters, but without buffs the bows are only decent, and I have actually started running one huge unit with scythes, always kills basically anything it charges, mainly because of that sweet two inch reach. I agree that Tree Revenants are perfectly fine cost wise, I love mine, I use three units of 5 as assassins, 9 inch charge, re-rolling one dice isn't bad, and they will definitely kill weaker heroes/war machines. I just wish they hit on 3's, that would definitely make them worth it.
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