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  1. Saws out dam special and no need for grapel/specials its a waste. If ur going competitive this is my suggestion
  2. End with saws want a grp of 6 with chem and use frigate to transport or deepstrike with port skywardens are utter trash in comparison
  3. Dam thats terrible ill just sell the army
  4. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  5. So this is what I have boss on crusher boss warchanter Nob x10 brutes x10 brutes x10 brutes or can cut 5 brutes and add vortex Ironfist formation What items should I take? This is what I personally have in boxes and have yet to put together. Would this be very competitive? Just from a stat and wound standpoint, seems strong on paper.
  6. Very strong list and dependable more so than thunderquake as I have yet to figure out what work best with that list as Bast's are kinda hit or miss Warden Gen Skink priest trapings Ast Banner 10 guard 10 guard 10 guard x3 krox salamander handlers 5 camo 5 camo 6 rippers warscrolls shadow strike eternal So pretty much rippers kill anything everytime turn 1 just nasty. Camo work as a softner or quick wipe of something small but annoying. Guard are 2 up and re roll most of the time. Super hard to kill. Sally and Krox stay together so krox get bonus from skinks. Heroes are shielded by the guard and keep giving benefits. 3 heroes work well incase of objective game and guard bonus. The amount of damage if you work it out right and the guard are just nasty especially if you plant them. God help any demons lol.
  7. So I have a question after the pile in video that was released, what is the point of having a unit of 10 brutes with 2hd?
  8. Just figure i would throw this in so if u take blightguard formation its neg 1 to hit them right would u be able to stack with bloab in the army also?
  9. wheres does it say the leader of a battalion has to be a general?
  10. Why would hero take the 7th it says a mortal nurgle hero Takes 7
  11. So the faq is official and therefore any other interpretation would be illegal so 1 hero and 7 units that would not include other heros
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