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  1. I keep looking at the bile trolls, but god they are expensive for that attack :-(
  2. With those models you are nearly set for the Blightguard formation, which works really well in smaller games, Festus is a bit meh in my opinion. Blightguard is a good start, or the plague touched warband (which fits your models above better), have a few games with both and see what suites your style best. You need the Harbinger in those lists, the 5+ ignore save is a huge bonus to the nurgle mortal stuff and really makes the army a lot more tanky.
  3. Ollie Fox


    you make valid points there. If you drop a single beast and epi, you could add a second unit of drones in. See if that works? I have to admit I do like the glotkin command ability, really helps! I to moved into Nurgle mortal units, mainly as they are stunning miniatures, but I struggle to put synergies into the list that doesn't include 40 blings. (rend would be amazing, to powerful though, I would like to see them more a little quicker, really struggle for movement, as does all Nurgle) The furies just get ignored all game usually, 60points isn't worth dealing with, but they add speed to somewhat slow list of Nurgle.
  4. Ollie Fox


    Thanks for the feedback, usually I run great destroyer and the princes are the focus points. 1 in 3 chance the unit gets the plus 1 to hit. PB in units of 20 are -2 to hit from shooting and -1 in combat, so if people want to fir these they have to at least show them some attention prior to fighting, which means less shots on the GUO's Furies are there for summoning late on to grab objective etc.
  5. Ollie Fox


    I have to admit I really like the looks of that list! I have never run two GUO, always feel they are a bit Meh, but can see the potential. I also don't find epidemius to useful in a 2k list, how do you find him? And yes the trolls shooting attack is nasty! I was toying with adapting my RAW list which is (it didn't do very well mind you) LeadersGreat Unclean One (240) Daemon Prince - Axe (160) Daemon Prince - Axe (160)Battleline20 x Plaguebearers Of Nurgle (200)20 x Plaguebearers Of Nurgle (200)10 x Plaguebearers Of Nurgle (100)Units3 x Plague Drones Of Nurgle (220)3 x Plague Drones Of Nurgle (220)3 x Plague Drones Of Nurgle (220)1 x Beasts Of Nurgle (60)1 x Beasts Of Nurgle (60)5 x Furies (60) BattalionsTallyband of Nurgle (100)
  6. Ollie Fox


    So it transpires thoughts were correct, the soul grinders are cack, large bases meant hard to move around table and very vulnerable 4+ doesn't last long. Both died last night fairly easy with no real threat. It all looked good on table, four behemoths, but it didn't work at all, major loss vs. the sylvaneth. Back to the drawing board.
  7. Ollie Fox


    So I keep playing around with nurgle lists and was wondering if the below has any legs, I am working through the painting with just a soul grinder left to paint, but wondering is it worth it. Has any one had any luck with similar lists? The grinders and glotkin just don't hold up to mortal wound spam. Great unclean one - 240 - Chaos Talisman The Glotkin - 480 (general) Soul grinder (mark of nurgle) - 280 Soul grinder (mark of nurgle) - 280 10 Plague bearers - 100 10 Plague bearers - 100 10 Plague bearers - 100 10 Plague bearers - 100 10 Plague bearers - 100 10 Plague bearers - 100 Tallyband of nurgle - 100
  8. I have recently tried to run an all nurgle mortal list: Currently looks like: Festus - 120 Harbinger of Decay (general) - 140 Lord of plagues - 100 Rotbringer sorcerer - 100 Bloab Rotspawned - 260 Morbidex Twiceborn - 260 5 x Blightkings - 900 Battalion - Blightguard - 100 Movement is a huger killer and the list struggles with having little rend.
  9. and meant to say there were some truly stunning models and painting on display all weekend.
  10. Initial thoughts.... Good points: Venue / location Venue was great, light, modern, clean, IT equipment all working and clear display and audio equipment. Location, great, lots of options around for alternative lunch / snacks / breakfast etc. Terrain / table No question, best tables ever, scenery was impeccable and the attention to detail was incredible. General The whole principle of aspirant and legend, the narrative behind the event was outstanding the work that went into the realms, individual table rules was fantastic, the mechanics between moving between realms was a fantastic idea. TO's were helpful, upbeat and in plentiful supplies, always on call. (despite me not pleasing my respective God, must work on that before next event) Great narrative play, all opponents played to the weekends intentions and were all fun. Personalised player packs, little extra tokens / dice / vouchers, lovely touch. Wasn't overly fond on team scenarios and just added another rule that was forgot most games. The helpful points, (minor in the scheme of things): Space was limited for boxes, realm gates, boxes, dead pile, books and bags, I never wanted to put my box on the table in case of damaging the matts or scenery, perhaps more tables around the perimeter to assist next time? Times between games was a little short, especially to find out what table you was on, build a list to those points, read the rules for that table, rules for that game, then find out team scenario etc., was a little to much to take in, in the time given. Fully understand the reasons for not releasing sooner and lists being built to suite a chosen realm, but perhaps the Friday night the Saturdays rules could be revealed and on Saturday night, Sundays games could have been revealed. allowing a chance to read the rules prior to playing. Agree totally with: "A tally of points killed by legend and a most bloody award for the legend would also be a real incentive to get him into combat, I felt the scenarios favoured keeping him alive and you really want to get it stuck in! " Overall, for a first AOS tourney scene I loved it, 6 great games, 7 great opponents and fun had all weekend, despite loosing the last game before even having a turn and rolling a single dice. Where do I sign up for the next one...... Ollie
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