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  1. Fantastic club, with great people. The club meets every 3rd Wednesday at the Horse and Jockey pub, which has well priced food and drink. All games are played on gaming mats with terrain provided by the club. Everyone's friendly and have a great attitude to wargaming.
  2. Ive played against Sylvaneth a bit, and by the sounds of it a fairly similar list. My advice is; 1/ focus on the scenario 2/ limit their movement by camping on the forests with chaff, they need them to get around the table 3/ bog down the tree lord ancient with chaff don't bother trying to kill him unless you have mortal wounds 4/ get table control early to stop them placing woods 5/ the hunters are a pain especially if your opponent is running 3 units, but inconsistent I find. In your list it get the VLoZD into a unit of them early 6/ focus on the scenario Cheers TFB
  3. Cheers for the advice dude, may try basing with Rakarth flesh, washing then dry brush grey to white for a plaid colour like you suggested.
  4. I don't mind thinning them down but an air range would be a bonus.
  5. Hi all, I wondered if any of you have any colour recipes and advice for airbrushing Slaanesh daemons? I've see Byron's ace tutorial on how to paint daemonettes, but I'm generally not a fan of mixing paints myself (if possible) and would prefer to use something straight out of a pot. I'm looking to achieve good tabletop standard. Any advice would be really welcome! Cheers TFB
  6. Ace post Terry. Thanks for sharing the analysis, it must have taken you a while! It would be great to see your take on battleline units in the future.
  7. How about: Leaders Archaon Harbinger of Decay Lord Of Slaanesh On Daemonic Mount Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut Units Varanguard x3 Plaguebearers x20 Plaguebearers x 20 Plaguebearers x10 Total: 1980 I think the Jugger Lord is ace for Archaon because it increases the chances of the remove from play ability on the slayer of kings. The change from warriors to plauebearers is just for more bodies and to get some use out of the cloud of flies ability.
  8. Hi Ben, could you put my name down. It'd be great way to get to know more of you from the club. ?
  9. I love the Keeper of Secrets for the double attack command ability and 'dark temptations' ability (adds a bit of randomness to the game)
  10. Could do but the Varanguard can double attack one turn if Archaon is on the table. So maybe better to use the points elsewhere.
  11. Agreed, but when you do get it to work you'd feel like a boss! I think it would be fun to play, really aggressive and sometimes it'll work and sometime it won't but it'd be fun. Plus I love any model which can do special damage (like Archaon) it just makes it more fun for me.
  12. I see your points, it's risky having all your eyes in 1 basket, his strength of having all the key words is also a weakness and he he relies on the special attack from the slayer of kings for damage and doesn't have much rend. Therefore do you think it's better going for; Archaon Lord of Khorne on a Juggernaut Lord of Slaanesh on a Daemonic mount bloodsecrator 2x 3 varanguard 3x 10 Bloodreavers The theory being Archaon, the juggerlord and bloodsecrator all can buff the varanguard. Plus I get get all the Varanguard and Archaon to double attack for 1 turn. The opponent should focus on Archaon but the Varanguard will do the damage.
  13. Cool that's what I was thinking with the bloodsecrator, Lord on a juggernaut and sorcerer. Their spells / abilities can buff the rest of the army and the varanguard if I align them to Khorn. So the buffs aren't wasted just on Archaon. Plus Archaon buffs the Varanguard so they should be quite killy whilst hopefully my opponent focuses on Archaon.
  14. Hi all Im not a competitive player and I'm looking for a bit of advice on the best ways to buff Archaon if I'm going to play a competitive game against a 'gamey' player. At the moment I'm thinking of taking the following to buff him; 1) Lord of Khorne on a Juggernaut : for the +1 to wound 2) Lord of Slaanesh on a Daemonic Mount : for the double attack 3) Chaos Sorcerer Lord : for his reroll 1s spell 4) Bloodsecrator: additional attack I'd run with a unit of Varanguard and 3x 20 Bloodreavers . Thanks in advance for the advice!
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