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  1. Hi I'm still working in a Maggotkin 2K list and I need some advice. What di you think about below list? Any changes? Thanks in advance. LEADERS *GUO *Poxbringer *Sorcerer *Gutrot/Lord of Blights/Lord of Plagues BATTLELINE *30 Plaguebearers *10 Putrid Blightkings *5 Putrid Blightkings OTHER *6 Plague Drones I'm not sure about the Rotbringer Leader. Gutrot to infiltrate 10 P.B., L.o.Blights to shoot or L.o.Plagues to re-roll 1s There are 80 points left to do some changes
  2. Maybe I don't understand you perfectly (English isn't my mother language) but the rules say "if you allocate a wound to a model, you must keep on allocating wounds to that model until either it is slain, or no more wounds remain to be allocated". So you never will heal more than 1 wound per turn with this ability because never there will be more than one model wounded. Is this alright?
  3. Many thanks for your replies! At the moment I have the FEC Start collecting box, 50 GW ghouls and some Heresy's ghouls (these will be my ghast courtiers). Tomorrow I will collect the King Vlagorescu box so I think I will have enough models to build a decent list. Thanatos Ares, I like your list, maybe some day I have all those behemoths and play a Royal Menagerie formation
  4. I'm just starting my Flesh Eaters army and I have that question. What should have a competitive F.E.C. list?
  5. Hi! My name is Jose M. and I moved to U.K. almost 2 years ago from Spain. I returned to the GW games with AoS building a new Flesh-Eaters army. I still have all my old Dark Elves army and a big part of my Chaos Warriors army. I hope to learn a lot from you
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