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  1. Also you asked the question in such a convoluted way that you force the meaning. Now I've just been in touch with Rowan again, and he agrees with Brandon Today’s chat with Rowan Hey Martin, If you’ve got any other questions, feel free to hit reply and continue the conversation. Here’s a copy of your discussion You AoS rule 27.4 Brandon joined the chat Brandon Hello again, how can I help? You Hi again Brandon, don't suppose you can connect me to Rowan? You You I've got a forum debate wherein Rowan answered in a way, that could be construed as to rule 27.4 is only applicable in situations wherein there is a singular option such as FeC Brandon I will forward you now. Rowan joined the chat Rowan Hello again! How can I help you? You Hi there Rowan! You Well I haven't talked to you earlier, but someone from a forum I'm on had, and he asked about the core rules in AoS 27.4 You now, I just want to clarify 1 thing. You When I've pick a bloodline for Soulblight Gravelords, do I have to pick a command trait from that bloodline, and then the first artifact from that bloodline? OR Am I free to pick from the core rules, as there are multiple options to be taken in the bloodlines? You So basically does rule 27.4 apply to Soulblight Gravelords or not? Rowan Regarding that specific rule, if the Bloodline confers a key word, then the artefact and command traits must all match the key word. The rule applies to all factions equally, unless otherwise stated in their Battletomes. If there's no exemption in the Battletome, then the rule must be followed. I hope that helps! You Each bloodline confers a keyword yes, so let's then be clear. If I chose the Legion of Blood bloodline, I MUST pick a command trait from that table, and the first artifact MUST be from that table? Rowan That's correct! This is what rule 27.4 means for the Soulblight Gravelords You Thank you Rowan, all I needed to hear Rowan ended the chat So we have 2 reps from GW directly telling us we need to abide by rule 27.4, and that's it.
  2. You do realize he also confirms you have to pick from the table right? He literally says, if your general is locked in you will have to pick those specific ones.. Here's the chat I just had Today’s chat with Brandon Hey Martin, If you’ve got any other questions, feel free to hit reply and continue the conversation. Here’s a copy of your discussion You Hello I've got a question about the Age of Sigmar core rules section 27.4 and whether or not it affects the Soulblight Gravelords bloodlines? Since the rule 27.4 says a/an trait/artifact and to use "that", it implies it only affects scenarios where there is a singular option? Brandon joined the chat Brandon Hello, thank you for getting in touch. Let me look into this for you now. Brandon Yes this would apply to them from my reading of the rules as the Vampire Bloodlines count as the subfactions for this army. You Okay, but what about the word usage, the 27.4 rule says if there is A command trait, or AN artifact, you have to use THAT. Is this to be taken literally as in, it only should apply if there is a single option available? You Since each bloodline has 6 options for both command traits and artifacts (except Avengorii which has 3 ofc) Brandon A hero can only take one artefact of power hence the singular, they are taking an artefact of power from the list. You Okay, thank you for taking the time to get back to me :) Brandon No problem at all, anything else I can help you with? You Not currently no :) Brandon ended the chat So I agree let's put this to rest in that you do actually have to pick from the available tables. ;)
  3. Oh sure it might just be their customer service team, but unfortunately atm they aren't open for direct chat, so can't verify like you wanted to.
  4. It looks like you got them at a point where their rules help desk wasn't open? Because when you live chat with them, they will be able to answer questions regarding the rules. There's even a banner in the AOS page (at least there was) that said something in the lines of "for questions regarding rules or.... something click the chat bubble"
  5. Also want to point out theres not bias from my end, I just want to figure out what's right or not. If I just wanted to confirm my own preference, I'd have stopped when people say it doesn't affect Soulblight, since I actually do want to take the Amulet of Destiny in a lot of cases, rather than an artifact from the book. Or the generic command trait that gives re-rolls to run & charge, rather than just charge from Avengorii.
  6. Yes I agree, it can be viewed from both sides. Don't think I asked it how you say though, I have to point out the things I want an answer to tbh
  7. Yes ofc, I realise it's not the official response, but they are at a helpdesk for rules, and if I have to follow either A) people arguing whether or not a/an only affects singular terms or B) someone at GW, I think I know what I'll follow. In either case people can chose to interpret the rules as they see fit, which they always do.
  8. Here's the transcript from the GW staff member I was in touch with, sent to my email. Added screenshots. Today’s chat with Brandon Hey Martin, If you’ve got any other questions, feel free to hit reply and continue the conversation. Here’s a copy of your discussion You kriegsbaum@gmail.com Brandon joined the chat Brandon Hello, thanks for getting in touch. How can I help? You Can you see the question I typed in ? Else I'll just copy it down :) Brandon '27.4 mandatory traits/artifacts Are Soulblight subject to this, even though their own battletome does not say so?' This one here? You Yes indeed. You I want to clarify that I'm like 99% sure it affects Soulblight and that they are indeed subfactions, there's just a lot of people saying otherwise You Hello there - I've got a small rules question regarding AoS core rule 27.4 wherein it states if you have a subfaction, and it includes command traits/artifacts you have to chose one of those listed first - there is discussion as to whether or not that includes Soulblight, and if their bloodlines are indeed subfactions. Could you clarify whether or not they are considered subfactions, and whether or not Soulblight has to take a command trait and artifact, before being able to chose one from the core rules? You Also this Brandon From what I can see it would effect them. The Bloodlines fill the role of subfactions and each one possess both its own Command Traits and Artefacts of Power. You And per the core rules you'll have to then take one, before being able to dip into the core ones Brandon Yes that would be the case. You Can this answer be counted as an official standing from GW? So that I can relay the rules standing? Brandon Yes that would be perfectly fine. Bloodlines is the term for the subfactions in this book in the same way Legions are the subfactions in the Bonereapers battletome. You Thank you for clarifying for me :) have a good day :) Brandon You too! Brandon If you have any further queries as well please let me know or get back in touch. You I will. Brandon ended the chat
  9. That's why I prefaced the topic by saying that sentence has now moved to the core rules, and I'll wager the same goes for the next battletomes as well
  10. The whole a/an is a bit of a stretch argument imo, if I were to say If there is an open restaurant in New York, I'll buy you a full dinner with drinks And I then proceed to say, ha ha there isn't AN open restaurant, there are in fact many, so I don't owe you anything. You'd probably think I'm a downright ******. To devote whether or not there is or isn't an option, doesn't say it had to be a singular choice, but rather is there is an option at all, be out 1, 2 or 6 Also, will have to see if I can get screens in, om my phone atm
  11. Wrong order sorry
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  15. An is not a singular, it's "is there an option or not" received_4197541316967662.webp
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