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  1. Hello TGA, I think mine is a tale as old as time..Warhammer as a child - Life got in the way - Back to Warhammer for my second childhood. I was an earlier adopter of AoS (I invented Balewind Vortex spam by taking 5 to the Wild West first AoS event held at WHW and got called out for that behaviour on HeelanHammer). Since then I've been in and out of the hobby (AoS, 30K, some 40K) and am now looking to get back into AoS with Mawtribes. I now live in Gibraltar (I can't find an AoS scene here, if there's anyone local please shout) but do get back to the UK and also write a GW blog with some general hobby ramble and painting tips please check it out here. My 2021 hobby goal is to have a crack at some painting comps and, possibly, the AoS heats. Some pics attached. Tah
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