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  1. 6 hours ago, Landohammer said:

    Just played a 3 game, 2000pt tourney. List was Gnashtooth, Swamp Calla, Breakaboss, 30 gutrippaz, 6 bolt boys, 6 bolt boyz, and a Gate Breaker mercenary.

    Game 1 vs Tempest Eye

    I gave him first turn and he rushed me. Between tempest eye and Ghur mage and some high charges he reached my lines on top of 1 :( . His shooting wrecked my bolt boys. My gutrippaz bounced off his screens. Gatebreaka made up for it and killed everything it touched (including Yndrasta and a 2+ steam tank). But he was up on objectives when time was called. Kruleboyz lose 15-18

    Game 2 vs Stormcast

    I was on bottom table (submarine!) and played vs a newer SC player. He was deepstrike heavy, but because of my "supa sneaky" and some good screening on my part, he had really poor deepstrike options and delayed until turn 2. This was a mistake on his part because it let me get good board control. He then proceeded to deepstrike and fail 4 rerollable charges. It was easy pickings after that. Kruleboyz win 25-8

    Game 3 vs Stormcast

    I was back on higher tables again. My opponent did everything right. Deepstriked his 10 Evocators 7 inches away from my Gate Breaker in an attempt to alpha him. But then he failed his rerollable 7" charge lol. Mega deleted his evocators and with 1/4th of his army dead he just couldn't keep up. I tabled him with an hour left on the clock. Kruleboyz win 29-14

    I ended up placing 4th overall going 2-1.

    Closing Thoughts

    -Gutrippaz are not as impressive as I thought. While their massive wound count  did serve as a deterrent, they absolutely evaporated when actually engaged and only averaged about 4-6 wounds per combat. 

    -Bolt boyz were amazing. I used Noisy Racket to help keep them alive and it helped. I tried "covered in mud" once but I failed all three 4+ rolls :( 

    Really don't understand why you can completely fail dirty Tricks. Should just be a straight d3 dice roll for number of units affected.

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  2. On 9/15/2021 at 1:16 AM, Lord Krungharr said:

    Gah, he just gets worse and worse.  I used Kragnos in 5 games this past weekend, and in game 5 he FINALLY made his points back, or at least a decent chunk by killing Arkhan the Black.  Before that he killed 2 Plaguebearers, maybe helped split 12 Pink Horrors, got rid of perhaps 20 Chainrasps, then fell hard to Legion of the First Prince doing absolutely nothing, and finally rolled a 3 when charging Nagash for his stupendous charge effect but was next to Mystical Terrain, and survived with 1 wound left to fight Arkhan and used Finest Hour and All Out Attack.  

    To me he's garbage and I'm selling him off.  I wish I would have run 2 more Kraken Eaters instead of him and a Mancrusher.

    Inflexible, boring design with huge destruction point tax. Dies easily and chaffed easily... no FNP... you can always keep him and hope they fix the warscroll in 3 years. The designers have done such a poor job that it's not even funny how terrible he is... and they put his points up... just why?

  3. 44 minutes ago, Mutton said:

    I never like being a negative Nancy, but the Kruleboy rules aren't very good at all. Dirty Tricks are just awful, having to roll a 4+, and then ANOTHER die, AND these added adendums...to activate one of our key allegiance abilities is absurd. They're just dreadful.

    I have no idea what Gobsprak is supposed to do. He and the bird both suck in combat. He has a 5+/6+, which means he dies instantly to any army with a modicum of shooting. The only thing he can really do is potentially hurt other casters by unbinding spells; but he has no rerolling or bonuses aside from the once per game ability. And he's 300 points. That feels high for basically a fast 2-spell caster with no bonuses.

    Barely any rend (-1 across the board, which is fairly useless in this edition). No big smashy monsters (which again, is THE thing in this edition). A ton of abilities/artifacts are random gambles to activate. The best thing they have is the mortals on 6's, but it doesn't affect mounts...so you're relying on gutrippas/boltboyz to do the damage you need. I'm disappointed in only having 2 monsters, one of which is just a squishy caster that you never want to send into combat. I'm disappointed in a lack of croc/sloggoth battleline options. I'm disappointed that hobgrots are still horrible and really have nothing to do with the rest of the army.

    I think this faction will be played in one of two ways. 1) Big yellas shooting spam (which I don't even know will work with how few models you get in a unit for how expensive they are); and 2) As many gutrippas as you can fit into an army with 1 croc, and 2-3 shamans. 

    I have to agree with most of what you are saying. The two spam armies seem like such a horrible outcome for this army after all the build up. Just fishing for mortals in highly unexciting ways.

  4. 3 hours ago, spenson said:

    Kruleboys have awesome models and seem ok on the table but probably not good enough to compete with the S tier armies.


    They are absolutely not good enough for S tier. IJ look the best still and Bonesplitters seemed to have been heavily nerfed for some unknown reason. Big waaagh also nerfed but may still have play. It feels a bit like the GSG book. Lots of subfactions that don't really play well together but you can probably make a sort of ok goodstuff list.

  5. 1 minute ago, SunStorm said:

    [insert caveat of not knowing all the rules yet]

    Seeing as Brutes were often considered a waste of points in previous editions compared to Ardboyz, it's got to be good if the suspected changes mean we see more brutes being used right?


    I guess yes, if the plan is to make changes that give brutes a role rather than just making other units worse so Brutes look better. 

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  6. 4 minutes ago, Scurvydog said:

    Rend is a big deal though, but it is not just one weapon, the Gore Choppa also got rend 2, even in units of 10 you will have 2 gore choppas with reach 2", 3 attacks with rend 2 dmg 2 base is a pretty good infantry weapon.

    I get that, I just don't think it's particularly "devastating". Yeah its a good change and they were severely lacking before (especially vs ard boyz) but it's hardly game changing. Anyway still need the rest of the info.

  7. Out of honest interest, why are the brutes so devastating now? they literally got a single rend added to two weapon profiles so I am not sure what changed apart from Ard boyz being changed to no rend multi-attacks. I guess that pushes brutes into the limelight more but they are hardly massively different.

  8. 4 minutes ago, Charleston said:

    This is rough. I hope it won't come true. Currently the tomes are already heavily overpriced. We are far above the 30€ mark already, which would be okayish if the quality of the product was worth it. But we talk about a book that was not even touched by an professional proofreader, not to start talking about the quality of their ruleswriting and the day-1-FAQ's required. 

    I'd really prefer old WHFB style tomes without a hardback back at this point. The overall composition just felt smoother, with unit lore on the same page as the warscroll/profiles and instead of a advertising type of faction description we had some short stories that made the tome worth reading.

    think the increase is pretty much confirmed... so even more of a ripoff than before and im assuming no more e-versions.

  9. 1 hour ago, Magnus The Blue said:

    I believe that Ardboy rumour has been revealed to be non-sense: they got the stats from a really old box, not a new one.

    yeah I saw but like Rachmani said in the post above, even that statline would be ok pending a significant points drop

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  10. 25 minutes ago, P.T.Bahnum said:

    ok it took me a while to find the leak and i only found the brutes but they are looking amazing now? i understand mbmk got nerfed out of the 3+ (fixed to 2+ in many ways) with a 6++ to a 4+ and yes that sucks but unless we get something that tacks on available wounds like the mbmk i still think its great. yes the 3+ on kbgt is very strong and probably pushed for sales but its not like ironjawz didn't receive some buffs too. on ardboyz they have an extra attack now. granted the to hit is worse but ill take the extra attack that can have its on hit buffed back. also the ironjawz might get allegiance buffs. while i was looking at them recently they seemed a bit weak anyway so they might've been brought in line. lets wait and see but now that i found the links i understand your frustration but am not fully sure its as bad as was first stated.

    Ardboys would have gained 1A and now have worse bravery, hit and no rend. Its a substantial nerf if true

    Litreally all brutes got was a single extra rend on one weapon profile.

    Not mega keen on them pushing Kruleboyz by internally nerfing the rest of the battletome.


  11. 1 hour ago, Maogrim said:

    Well, what I do know is that the Killaboss on Greater Gnashtoof (while still not that impressive) now has a better safe than the Megaboss on Mawkrusha which doesn't make any sense if you look at the models. I also know that the nerf to the MBMK happened in the same development cycle that gave Stormcast Eternals a unit with a natural 2+ safe. That is also not the only nerf. Apparently Ard Boyz lost a point of Bravery as well as hit accuracy.

    I also know that Stormcast Eternals, in said develoment cycle, got also the opportunity to access those Dragonrider dudes or Paladin units as Battleline, adding their Battleline options up to approximately 37. Meanwhile Kruleboyz have one very mediocre Battleline unit and the option for another one, adding up to an impressive total of two, if going with Big Yellers. And I seriously doubt there will be more because by now they would have probably given us an article about it to keep up some level of excitement after postponing the tome's release.

    To show that I'm not only doom&gloom (or 'crying' as you so kindly put it): I still like the Kruleboyz' aesthetic, I still want to do a desert raider style Big Yeller army (think sand- or cream-coloured cloth and sand dune bases), and Boltboyz, Swamcallahs and Beastskewers seem really good! 

    But how can you remain that optimistic after weeks of nothing except two sculpts without (except the Underworld Grot and the vulture boy) and nerfs to Ironjawz?

    I started worrying as soon as I saw how bad Kragnos was and nothing has been teased for warclans that takes that bad taste out of my mouth. Instead it looks like the same design style as Kragnos and that’s really worrying.

    They are obviously pushing SCE quite hard and for some reason don’t feel like sharing equivalent information for Kruleboyz. I suspect there just isn’t that much to spoil for a small range that is 1/3 of a pre-existing battletome.

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  12. 3 hours ago, Underworld40k said:

    True enough - but i am suggesting a possible general trend for 3.0 which seems a little early to call given we dont even have the  the first 2 books.

    Stormcast may well be the tough armour save book with a 3+ general and 2+ annihilators , but if other books with 3+ save monsters go to 4+ then it would still be a general swing. Of course there is always the big risk of an early design philosophy being hard pivoted in 6 months and we are stuck at the bottom of the pile as a new trend kicks in and everyone else keeps 3+ monsters and such. 

    I am personally just trying to avoid feeling like we have gotten the shaft before the new edition is in full swing.

    Just a pity that GW dont do better edition transitions in most cases, a new set of grand alliance books that updates everything for 3rd would have been preferable for me. 

    A weak battletome at the beginning of an edition is a nightmare in GW games as the power creep is guaranteed and you won't be touched for another 3 years.

    It's going to be drough if we are adjusted to be the new edition, potentially making us weaker than the existing 2.0 battletomes (from the look of it) and then simultaneously lose out to power creep in the following months. Just have to wait and see...

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  13. 2 minutes ago, Beliman said:

    But they need resources to do that, and doesn't matter what they do, tankcrusha will have 3+ save or worst, that's better than 2+!!

    Still with Ward 5+, but that's another story...

    Btw, we already saw some -2 and -3 rend in some SCE and Orruks warscrolls, that's something to take in mind.

    That's because a world with Archaon & Gotreks is boring. Don't follow them, instead, remove (I mean nerf) them!! Archaon already lost his rerolls of 6 when he was hit, time to nerf Gotrek & all other 3+ Kaijus!!

    My issue is that they are not touching the actual Kaijus. They are just nerfing already ok units that were not causing any issues.

    So maybe in 2 years time when they get to fixing the actual problems, this will feel like a good thing for the game.

    Until then, destructions expensive monsters are just going to end up objectively worse than the other alliance’s kaijus.

  14. 22 minutes ago, Beliman said:

    Imho, that should be good news for every AoS player! Let's be honest, tankcrushas are a thing and half of AoS armies can't deal with this monsters.

    I hope that Archaon, Nagash, Gotrek, Morathi, etc... are the next ones. 

    I think it's pretty terrible news for destruction. They get to be fair and balanced in a world of Gotrek & Archaon. Was Gordrakk and mawcrushas causing problems... no.

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  15. 10 minutes ago, Mutton said:

    It's too bad all the most powerful shooting doesn't require line of sight, and KO can just drop within 12" if they want. 

    Yeah just more ineffectual debuff rules for Kruleboyz. A predominance of fluff rather than decent powered stuff.

  16. 11 minutes ago, cyrus said:

    I think i will buy the battletome too mainly for updated rules for ironjawz and bonesplitterz and to read Kruleboyz rules and fluff. But I will wait to buy any further Kruleboyz models until entire figure is clear. No cavalry units and just 2 battleline units worry me for an army which is not well designed.


    Last but not least : the army release has been badly handled by GW.

    I'm sure someone said this already but Kruleboyz just feel a bit random currently. Like they have thrown a bunch of cool models together but without the rules they all seem little cobbled together rather than a proper army. Bring on dem rules...

  17. 2 hours ago, Xs_0013 said:

    Soooo... I'm thinking of not getting the Battletome straight away( whenever it may drop). I have the Dominion half and I will totes get some big beasties at some point, but my Boyz aren't likely to see the table much any time soon so I'm not too keen to invest in everything. 

    Honestly I'm a little worried that there will be a 2nd wave of models along with a newer BT. LRL style. How likely do we think this will happen? 


    I think ill buy the battletome/warscrolls (for future proofing) and fluff but I am not going to be buying any models until it's clear the rules are decent. I think you are being very optimistic that they intend to release anything else for destruction in regards to Kruleboyz. 

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  18. 20 hours ago, Scurvydog said:

    Every single spell and ability previewed has been keyword locked to the sub faction of Kruleboyz or Bonesplitterz. They even showed the new named guy on the bird along Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz while highlighting a spell, which is of course only beneficial to Kruleboyz. 

    Nothing so far has shown they will not continue the trend with making a soup, yet having no rules interaction between the heroes or units. This is why I am very worried about that book. Not that it is not "strong" but that there is basically no point to having it souped up, besides simply having to release fewer books.

    The other aspect of this is they don't have to bother supporting the two old lines of models because they superficially are adding models to the warclans battletome even though there is no keyword crossover 

  19. 1 hour ago, Beliman said:

    I expect what @C0deb1ue and @P.T.Bahnum talks about, but at least I want Kruleboyz to be really fun to play with and against.

    With lot's of tricks, gimmicks and rare synergies that turns our army one of the most fun and interesting one to play for the whole edition.

    Well they have definitely been some teasers that point towards cool things.

    We look like a debuff army. There's that cool extra monster move in the hero phase and the new spell lore that reduces attacks/stops run. These sorts of things give me faith!!

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