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  1. 1 hour ago, Planar said:

    I was mostly referring to the fact that we are a board control army with very good secondary abilities like flying and fast movement/ fast deployment rather than something that is directly and extremely powerful.  Our most powerful ability "wave of terror" is so unreliable that you can never take it into account in any planning. It either comes as a nice bonus making your life easier or as a deus ex machina taking you out of a dreadful situation creating some epicness.

    We cant hope to beat anyone in direct combat but we can win through tactical board control and restricting opponents plans.

    At least this is how I play NH and what I like about them. So I would hoping on something enhancing this aspect rather than turning us into another version of LoN.

    Oh yeah, I also play Nighthaunt for this reason but it still saddens me that we don't have a real "Big bad scary unit" which many armies bring to the table. What I mean by that is we are a bit restricted in being forced to outmanouvre the enemy since many units can go toe toe with our best units.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Planar said:

    NH is one of the most hard to handle and tactical armies out there and with them no game is guaranteed but also no game is surely lost.

    To be honest, I can't agree completly. We have a lot of tactics at our disposal but only through the Dreadblade Harrow and teleporting units on the field. The issue I see is most of our abilities (like attacking if we charge 10" or more are random and usually we can only reduce enemy bravery by 1 and can only combine it with a few abilities). It's still a hard and tactical army for sure but I don't see it as the nighthaunt per se but more about how the game is played. With this I mean the issue is more about the top armies is they have 1 or 2 playstyles which puts them above the rest which means they don't really need to learn it ecc. (like Idoneth or FeC).

    I think Nighthaunt are a wasted potential because we are fairly limited (in my opinion) on what we can actually do. Most of the time we need to rely on lucky rolls more than anything

  3. To be honest, a lot of Battletomes look overcosted if you confront the points to the more recent Battletomes (Nighthaunt, Idoneth, Nurgle with high prices and Fec and Slaven with low points. I get the feeling we will see point reductions across the board.

  4. 10 hours ago, Ravinsild said:

    Ooooooh I like that! 

    What do you all think of Coelia Greenshade and or Biel-Tian for a green shade skin??? 

    it could look a bit orkish, but if you higlight it well I think it could look great

  5. It's a bit sad to see that Idoneth are such a stale faction (stale for a fairly new faction) that there is little to no discussion because there is essentially only 1 competitive lost.

    I really hope that the GH2019 mixes things up a bit, I also have a little hope that they get 1 or 2 more units in 2020 even though seeing fireslayers it's really doubtful

  6. 1 hour ago, SpQg said:

    Looks good so far. You could consider adding gutrot spume for deep strike shenanigans. I would opt for perhaps 30 plagueboys for getting bodies on the board or some other hoard unit (maruarders or plague monks) but they kinda loose their edge without the glotkin. 

    I really enjoy having a GUO allongside my Blight kings for the extra movement, it can be very valuable during the game. 

    And no deamons are not needed for contagion points, these are due to the alliance towards Papa nurgle. But you might want to get some for summons.

    So to be fair you have 2 routes; all out mortals with maxed out blight kings 35 Ish or more bodies.. 

    Thanks a lot, I'will have to think about this

  7. I want to make a 2000pt Mortal Nurgle list.

    Currently I'm thinking about taking these units:



    Harbringer of Decay

    Lord of Blights


    10 Blightkings

    5 Blightkings

    5 Blightkings

    1 Chaos Warshrine

    Blight Cyst battalion

    Currenty this reaches 1440 points, what could I add to reach 2000pt? Or is there something I should remove?

    I also wanted to ask if I need demons for the contagion points.

    Thank you

  8. 9 minutes ago, novakai said:

    I think it just that AOS has more design space than 40k since the way they establish the lore kind of pigeon-holed them a bit on the Xeno side but gives them plenty of room to make as many Space marine updates (and Chaos update) as they can, they have so many chapters and traitor legions that they can flesh out. plus the narrative for 40k has always been more of Imperium vs chaos and most Xenos are just background enemies.

    AOS kind of benefits from at least saying that each GA is fighting each other as well as fighting chaos.

    on the topic of rumors, I heard a lot rambling of GW considering a Seraphon remake since they have one of the oldest plastic ranges from WHF (specifically the Saurus part of the range and all the current resin models), the dilemma is are they going to remake them now and delay the battletome or do it afterward.

    Well, if it's true we will only see it in a couple of years sadly

  9. 23 minutes ago, Clan's Cynic said:

    Consider how many of 40k's armies are some variety of Space Marine though. 

    Hell, compare Order's range diversity to the Imperium's.

    Since this is the rumour tread I didn't want to go too much in detail but give GW time to sort out AoS and you will see more xenos updates (what I meant with stale is that they can't insert new factions out of nowhere since the universe is well established they can only add sub-factions)

  10. 4 hours ago, Clan's Cynic said:

    I think his point is that AoS has such a refreshing diversity of releases. I know I genuinely get excited to see what the next AoS faction is, be it an updated Battletome or whole new army, just because everything is so different.

    Whilst Stormcast do receive plenty - more than they should in my opinion - at least it's a fair bet that not every other release will be for them, unlike 40k, where we're all but guaranteed to get a Marine  release, followed by a Chaos release, followed by a Marine, and so on.

    The issue in my opinion is the fact that the 40k universe is stale (lore wise) and already has a huge range. (at least in my opinion)

    They are pushing AoS since it's new and it still needs fleshing put and more factions. When AoS starts to calm down (release-wise) because GW is happy with the diversity and range you will see a lot more 40k releases

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  11. 1 hour ago, RexHavoc said:

    I want to love their advertising videos, as they are hilarious, but they are using other peoples IPs to sell their products. Which really wouldn't be an issue, especially as this probably falls under fair use, but this is the same company that not so long ago tried to shut down anyone using anything close to their own IP.

    Even as recently as this year- just over a month ago they forced a small wargames company to change their name as it was 'too similar' too the name warhammer and they are in the same area of business. Not even selling IP infringing products, just the name that was similar. ('war banner' if you want to read about it online)

    'New' games workshop is still very much 'old' games workshop in disguise.

    But aside from that- I do still only hope that this is just an addition(s) to the paint range and not a complete rework. The range is damn good as it is right now, and though the recent price rise has pushed it a little too high for my liking, it's still a very easy and convenient range to use.

    You need to keep in mind that they are forced to do this. What a lot of people seem to forget is the fact that the copyright law works this way. If they don't shut them down (I don't know the story in this case) but if they don't defend their IP they loose it and can't defend themself if another company just steals the sculps. Also keep in mind they leave user-created content and parodies up and don't force them to delete the videos ecc.

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  12. 12 hours ago, Ahn-ket said:

    What price drop rumor?

    There a few rumours that the points will drop across the board for the Nighthaunt. Which looking at the new point-cost for skaven and Fec start to be believable

  13. I was thinking of adding Arkhan the black in my Nighthaunt list, did you folks have any experience fielding him as an ally? Also a friend told me to field my Nighthaunt as LoN so I would have access to tombs and being able to heal/summon units from there, is this true? Can I field a pure Nighthaunt army using the alliance abilities of LoN?

  14. Hello everyone, I'm new here and I'm starting Idoneth (obviously ☺️). I wanted to field some allies and was asking myseelf which ranged ally would be best?

    The options I was thinking for the moment

     Kurnoth Hunters (I have 3) 

    Celestal Balista

    What would you guys suggest?


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