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  1. Thanks again for the replies guys. I think FW models are a little beyond me at the moment but I wouldn't rule one out in the far future. I'm looking forward to getting started now, so once again, thanks for all your help!
  2. Ahhh now I understand. Thank you for the explanation @Skabnoze I think it may, however, be time to admit that you do have a Squig problem! 😊 What is the general consensus on Troggoths? I think all of their models are amazing and sooner rather than later I think I’ll add some Troggoths to the mix.
  3. Thanks for the replies so far guys, they’re very much appreciated. I like the idea of a smallish force to start with, the 500 point list mentioned above is affordable and seems like a reasonable amount of models to paint to get going. With regards to the Squig Herds however, are the units of 6 preferable simply to limit the amount of damage the inevitable Battleshock tests can do? In which case are they best used as a throwaway unit to get a few extra attacks into a combat before being obliterated? 😁
  4. Good evening Loonbosses! I am new to Age of Sigmar, I've picked up a copy of the core rules, and after browsing through the different factions on GW's website, I have settled on the Gitz as the army for my first foray into the Mortal Realms. I've totally fell in love with their models, particularly the Troggoths, Squigs, Arachnarok and Gobbapalooza kits! (So pretty much everything in their range). However, despite the rule of cool, I'm looking to make some solid foundation purchases first and foremost, models that will form the core of my army and be useful in a number of lists as my collections, and thus options, grow. I'm simply looking for some advice on which units will fit the bill for the above needs. I am going to have a good look through the Gloomspite discussion thread when I have more time, however a quick search on the forums didn't turn up much in terms of beginner advice for this faction. I'm not going to be playing competitively, more often than not it'll be against friends, and in rare cases the odd pick up game at my local store. I'd ideally like as much of my army as possible to be plastic, it's much easier to work with and I find the models so much easier to obtain from my local store when they're in plastic. What kinds of units should I be looking to purchase for some small point games? And what are some ideal unit sizes for the units in question? Thanks in advance! Nez
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