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  1. Hey fellow deathlords! I'm about to jump into my adventure with the supreme lord himself, and i'm super excited! I'm abit unsure how to paint him tho. My colortheme is based around khorne-red, and when i make spirithosts/ghostly stuff and magic stuff, it's made with mephiston red + layer of blood for the blood god, so all in all, the army is rather red. I was hoping, that some of you had already made a "red-themed" nagash, that you would share with me? Cheers!
  2. Perfect, thank you very much for your help!
  3. I see. I think i'm gonna make them with Helberds then - and probably as harbringers. How much of the model would you assemble on the harbringers with helberds before painting? Everything BUT the weapons?
  4. Hello fellow deathlords. I'm about to start my first "morghast-adventure". I think i'm going with Harbringers. But i thought i would hear you guys for a few advice before i throw myself into it. 1: Is the archais a better way to go? (I guess they can be played whatever type you want really, since i only play with friends). 2: What is better? 2-handed or swords? 3: I've heard that they are TERRIBLE to both assemble and paint.. Any good advice / bad / experiences regarding the more "creative progress". Hope you can help! Cheers!
  5. Thank you so very much! Was just the "guide" i was looking for! Aah ye, that could be work as well i guess! Hmm okay - i'm still a bit scared! I think i'll go with brush first, then air AND THEN water in worst case Thank you everyone!!
  6. Hello dear community! Do you have any good advice on how to remove dust from your models? They have been standing on my table for a couple of months and collected (some) dust. It's not an insane layer, but it's starting to build up. I'm gonna get somewhere to stash and protect them soon, i just wanted to "clean them up" before putting them in my montres. I've read some older tips suggesting everything from "make-up-brushes", "air on a can" to WATER?! Can you actually wash your models? Anyways, hopefully you guys can come with your best (confirmed) tips and ways of keeping your models nice and clean! Cheers!
  7. Appreciate it buddy - thank you!
  8. Hello everyone. I've just recently started playing with a group of friends and some familymembers, and we all enjoy it alot! We've only played a couple of games, and everytime we are faced with new things we are getting unsure of, regarding rules. Hopefully you can help us with this one! It may be a stupid question, but we are still in doubt. Is a hero, wizard, generel etc .(basicly any models/characters that are alone/single) still counted as a "unit"? For instance, the spell "mystic shields" tells you to pick a friendly "unit", which according to the "warscroll-builders-interface" mostly seem to be your groups of footsoldiers, and not your leaders. Hope you can help us clear this out! Cheers
  9. Thank you all! It's really appreciated! Guess i'll just respray it with zandri dust ! What does it mean to "fog" it?
  10. Hello everyone! So i'm in a bit of a frustrating situation. I'm currently painting a zombiedragon, which i've sprayed black. It made sense in the situation, but i've decided to go with another colorscheme, and therefore it would be tons better if it was sprayed (primed?) with zandri-dust instead. So my question is: Is it possible to "re-spray" my model without ruining it too much? (My first layer of spray is rather thin). I hope you can help me! Cheers!
  11. Hello fellow warhammerfreaks! So i've recently started to paint some blackknights, but i've just realized that i've made some colormistakes. 1: I've painted the cloth on the horses in a deep/dark blue. But it's a mistake, and i'd rather want it to be "khorne red". How do i change that the best way? I'm thinking i maybe either paint grey/bonewhite first, and then the red. Or do 2 thin layers of khorne red. Or maybe do a very light red (mephisto-red) and then the khorne red? 2: I've also painted some iron/metal, which i'd rather have bronze. How do i change that the best way? Can i just paint over that without too much trouble? I hope some of you good people can help me out!
  12. Hello Rune! Thank you very much for your response! I see, it makes sense. Funny you mention the undeads, because i've decided that i'm probably gonna end up going with thoose - so i'm actually heading out to buy the starting-box as we speak now Gonna start out with the skeleton-horde box, since i've heard, that for starters, it's a good idea to just go crazy on the skeletons and a necro
  13. Thank you very much, both of you! You've both been a great help! I suppose i for starters will get the skeleton starterpack, and maybe a necromancer then! Really excited to go out shopping tomorrow! Honk, when you are refering to "40 cal skelli block", is that just the normal skeleton warriors then, or the grave guards? Thanks again!
  14. Hello and happy new years everyone! I'm just about to reenter the warhammer world, and i hope that you guys could maybe help me/inspire me, where to start. I'm starting with a couple of friends, and we are probably gonna play around 1000-1500 points for quite some time. I'm really unsure what to start as. Tbh i generally like most of the races and models - i just like the universe alot, so i'm up to playing and painting pretty much anything. But seeing we are gonna be a couple of friends, playing for beers and "bragging-rights", it would be nice not getting steamrolled. I know alot of people say that i should just pick whatever i like - but i honestly like alot of them! I know that one of them picked Nurgles. I hope you can help me with: 1: Giving me a ranking of the armies, when playing in the 1000-1500 points range. (Would be nice if they have a standing chance against Nurgles!) 2: Giving me "quick" intro to the meta in your top 2 (maybe even 3) picks. What should i buy to being with, and what's the general idea behind the way they are played? (How would the "perfect" 1000 point army for the given race look like). 3: Did i miss something? I hope you'd spend a few minutes helping me out! Sorry for the wall of text Cheers!
  15. Thank you very much! I think i'd go with the skeletons between thoose 2. What about Nighthaunts - should i rather buy the battletome here and start collecting theese? What's my strongest pick for a 1000-1500 points army?
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