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  1. I agree. I will be swapping him in next game. Gonna give him a shot. Thanks! Thematic purposes. As a group we rarely do anything without some pretense of back story. Inside my local group my StD are a conglomeration of tribes bringing different things to the war effort. Gotta forge that narrative!
  2. Thank you for your input! My go-to 1000 list is as follows: Demon Prince; Gen, LoT, Khorne Sorcerer Lord; BotD, Undivided 10 Warriors; HW & Board Undivided 20 Marauders; HW & Shield, Undivided 5 Knights; Blades, Khorne 5 Marauder Horsemen; Jav & Shield, Khorne Chariot; Greatblade, Khorne Comes out to be 950. I haven't played since Beasts of Chaos came out so didn't include a spawn. The extra command point was nice. My main opposition includes Dispossessed, KO, and goblin squig army. I have done very well against KO and gob
  3. Hello fellow AoS players! I've been brainstorming how to improve my StD lists. I generally run a mixed arms force of Cavalry and Foot troops. As point of confusion involving keywords: Adding an addition keyword on parts of the army will not adversely impact my force for matched play, correct? Example: A unit of Warriors and a following Leader are unmarked while a Demon Prince and accompanying Knights are marked for Khorne. Does this list still count as a "Slaves to Darkness" army or does it change it to be something else?
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