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  1. I was really looking forward to AoS but it followed too closely after End Times for me. Especially after I'd forked out on a Malekith the Ascendant King army. XD So I quit.....hard. Sold off my 5000 points Ork & Gobbos army and fell out of the GW hobby for about 4 years. Then my daughter was looking at Stormcast Eternals & I thought well what's the harm? Now I'm working on my own SE's with some other armies in the pipeline possibly. BCC
  2. I lean towards buying units that I like fluff wise and building an army around that. Which normally amounts to painting 2 units at the start, assembling the rest then moving onto something else! For I am a level 162 hobby butterfly. XD BCC
  3. Hey all! I've been playing Fantasy since around 89' so naturally this led to me starting AoS. Working on some poster boy Hammers of Sigmar at the moment with some Dark Elves and Khorne floating around also. If my forum name rings a bell I'm an old Mod from the Bolter & Chainsword so hi there! Dave (BCC)
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